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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2009A body sensor network for tracking and monitoring of functional arm motionNguyen, K.D.; Chen, I.-M.; Luo, Z.; Yeo, S.H.; Duh, H.B.-L. 
Nov-2011A highly order-structured membrane electrode assembly with vertically aligned carbon nanotubes for ultra-low Pt loading PEM fuel cellsTian, Z.Q.; Lim, S.H.; Poh, C.K.; Tang, Z. ; Xia, Z.; Luo, Z.; Shen, P.K.; Chua, D. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Shen, Z.; Lin, J.
1-Oct-2008A level set-based parameterization method for structural shape and topology optimizationLuo, Z.; Wang, M.Y.; Wang, S. ; Wei, P.
1-Jan-2011A molecular quantum wire of linear carbon chains encapsulated within single-walled carbon nanotube (Cn@SWNT)Lim, S.H.; Lin, J.; Widjaja, E.; Poh, C.K.; Luo, Z.; Gao, P.Q.; Shen, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Gong, H. ; Feng, Y. 
Apr-2011A wearable sensing system for tracking and monitoring of functional arm movementNguyen, K.D.; Chen, I.-M.; Luo, Z.; Yeo, S.H.; Duh, H.B.-L. 
20-Sep-2013Amphiphilic polymeric nanocarriers with luminescent gold nanoclusters for concurrent bioimaging and controlled drug releaseChen, D.; Luo, Z.; Li, N.; Lee, J.Y. ; Xie, J. ; Lu, J.
24-Jan-2014Assembly of nanoions via electrostatic interactions: Ion-like behavior of charged noble metal nanoclustersYao, Q.; Luo, Z.; Yuan, X.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, C.; Xie, J. ; Lee, J.Y. 
25-Apr-2014Balancing the rate of cluster growth and etching for gram-scale synthesis of thiolate-protected Au25 nanoclusters with atomic precisionYuan, X.; Zhang, B.; Luo, Z.; Yao, Q.; Leong, D.T. ; Yan, N.; Xie, J. 
20-Aug-2012Cobalt-mediated crystallographic etching of graphite from defectsWang, R.; Wang, J.; Gong, H. ; Luo, Z.; Zhan, D.; Shen, Z.; Thong, J.T.L. 
11-Jun-2012Direct observation of inner and outer G′ band double-resonance Raman scattering in free standing grapheneLuo, Z.; Cong, C.; Zhang, J.; Xiong, Q.; Yu, T. 
25-Jun-2008Effect of ion bombardment on the synthesis of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depositionLuo, Z.; Lim, S.; You, Y.; Miao, J.; Gong, H. ; Zhang, J. ; Wang, S.; Lin, J.; Shen, Z.
Apr-2011Electronic structure of graphite oxide and thermally reduced graphite oxideZhan, D.; Ni, Z.; Chen, W. ; Sun, L.; Luo, Z.; Lai, L.; Yu, T.; Wee, A.T.S. ; Shen, Z.
7-Jul-2011Energy transfer between conjugated-oligoelectrolyte-substituted POSS and gold nanocluster for multicolor intracellular detection of mercury ionPu, K.-Y. ; Luo, Z.; Li, K.; Xie, J. ; Liu, B. 
25-May-2014Engineering ultrasmall water-soluble gold and silver nanoclusters for biomedical applicationsLuo, Z.; Zheng, K.; Xie, J. 
Jan-2014Enhanced tumor accumulation of Sub-2 nm gold nanoclusters for cancer radiation therapyZhang, X.-D.; Chen, J.; Luo, Z.; Wu, D.; Shen, X.; Song, S.-S.; Sun, Y.-M.; Liu, P.-X.; Zhao, J.; Huo, S.; Fan, S.; Fan, F.; Liang, X.-J.; Xie, J. 
2009Estimating poses of world's photos with geographic metadataLuo, Z.; Li, H. ; Tang, J. ; Hong, R. ; Chua, T.-S. 
2013Evolution of topological surface states in antimony ultra-thin filmsYao, G.; Luo, Z.; Pan, F.; Xu, W.; Feng, Y.P. ; Wang, X.-S. 
28-Aug-2011Fabrication of Co3O4-reduced graphene oxide scrolls for high-performance supercapacitor electrodesZhou, W.; Liu, J.; Chen, T.; Tan, K.S.; Jia, X.; Luo, Z.; Cong, C.; Yang, H.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
18-Oct-2010Femtosecond UV-pump/visible-probe measurements of carrier dynamics in stacked graphene filmsShang, J.; Luo, Z.; Cong, C.; Lin, J.; Yu, T. ; Gurzadyan, G.G.
10-Oct-2012From aggregation-induced emission of Au(I)-thiolate complexes to ultrabright Au(0)@Au(I)-thiolate core-shell nanoclustersLuo, Z.; Yuan, X.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Leong, D.T. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Xie, J.