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2011Characteristics of strontium isotopes and their implications in the Qixing Cave of Guizhou, ChinaZhu, X; Wang, S ; Luo, W
2016Direct observation of electronic-liquid-crystal phase transitions and their microscopic origin in La1/3Ca2/3MnO3Tao, J; Sun, K; Yin, W.-G; Wu, L; Xin, H; Wen, J.G; Luo, W; Pennycook, S.J ; Tranquada, J.M; Zhu, Y
7-Mar-2021Identifying key mononuclear Fe species for low-temperature methane oxidationYu, T; Li, Z; Jones, W; Liu, Y; He, Q ; Song, W; Du, P; Yang, B; An, H; Farmer, DM; Qiu, C; Wang, A; Weckhuysen, BM; Beale, AM; Luo, W
2013Incidence of new-onset hypertension in cancer patients: A retrospective cohort studyFraeman, K.H; Nordstrom, B.L; Luo, W; Landis, S.H; Shantakumar, S 
2018Investigation of the temperature fluctuation of single-phase fluid based microchannel heat sinkWang, T; Wang, J; He, J; Wu, C; Luo, W; Shuai, Y; Zhang, W; Lee, C 
2015Strong enhancement of photoresponsivity with shrinking the electrodes spacing in few layer GaSe photodetectorsCao, Y; Cai, K ; Hu, P; Zhao, L; Yan, T; Luo, W; Zhang, X; Wu, X; Wang, K; Zheng, H
2017The effects of DLEU1 gene expression in Burkitt lymphoma (BL): Potential mechanism of chemoimmunotherapy resistance in BLLee, S; Luo, W; Shah, T; Yin, C; O'Connell, T; Chung, T.-H ; Perkins, S.L; Miles, R.R; Ayello, J; Morris, E; Harrison, L; van de Ven, C; Cairo, M.S