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2006Clinical features of childhood onset essential tremorTan E.K. ; Lum S.Y.; Prakash K.M. 
2003Dopamine D2 receptor taqIA and TaqIB polymorphisms in Parkinson's diseaseTan E.-K. ; Tan Y.; Chai A.; Tan C.; Shen H.; Lum S.Y.; Fook-Cheong S.M.C. ; Teoh M.-L.; Yih Y.; Wong M.-C. ; Zhao Y.
2003Dose-dependent protective effect of coffee, tea, and smoking in Parkinson's disease: A study in ethnic ChineseTan E.-K. ; Tan C.; Fook-Chong S.M.C. ; Lum S.Y.; Chai A.; Chung H.; Shen H.; Zhao Y.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Pavanni R. ; Chandran V.R.; Wong M.C. 
2007DRD3 variant and risk of essential tremorTan E.-K. ; Prakash K.M. ; Fook-Chong S. ; Yih Y.; Chua E.; Lum S.Y.; Wong M.C. ; Pavanni R. ; Zhao Y.
2002Evaluation of somnolence in Parkinson's disease: Comparison with age- and sex-matched controlsTan E.-K. ; Lum S.Y.; Fook-Chong S.M.C.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Tan L.; Tan A.; Wong M.C.
2006Knowledge about the genetics of essential tremor in patients and their relativesPrakash K.M. ; Lum S.Y.; Fook-Choong S.; Tan E.K. 
2002Mitochondrial complex I polymorphism and cigarette smoking in Parkinson's diseaseTan E.K. ; Chai A.; Zhao Y.; Lum S.Y.; Fook-Chong S.M.C.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Pavanni R.; Wong M.C.
2003Monoamine oxidase B polymorphism, cigarette smoking and risk of Parkinson's disease: A study in an Asian populationTan E.K. ; Chai A.; Lum S.Y.; Shen H.; Tan C.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Wong M.C. ; Zhao Y.
2005Non-motor manifestations in essential tremor: Use of a validated instrument to evaluate a wide spectrum of symptomsTan E.K. ; Fook-Chong S. ; Lum S.Y.; Gabriel C.; Koh K.K.; Prakash K.M. ; Louis E.D.
2004Restless legs symptoms in thyroid disordersTan E.K. ; Ho S.C.; Eng P.; Loh L.M.; Koh L.; Lum S.Y.; Teoh M.L.; Yih Y.; Khoo D. 
2002Restless legs syndrome in Parkinson's diseaseTan E.K. ; Lum S.Y.; Wong M.C.