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2018Antibody-mediated enhancement aggravates chikungunya virus infection and disease severityLum, F.-M; Couderc, T; Chia, B.-S; Ong, R.-Y; Her, Z; Chow, A ; Leo, Y.-S ; Kam, Y.-W; Rénia, L ; Lecuit, M; Ng, L.F.P 
2018Co-infection with Chikungunya virus alters trafficking of pathogenic CD8+ T cells into the brain and prevents Plasmodium-induced neuropathologyTeo, T.-H; Howland, S.W; Claser, C; Gun, S.Y; Poh, C.M; Lee, W.W.L; Lum, F.-M; Ng, L.F.P ; Rénia, L 
2017Cross-reactive dengue human monoclonal antibody prevents severe pathologies and death from Zika virus infectionsKam, Y.-W; Lee, C.Y.-P; Teo, T.-H; Howland, S.W; Amrun, S.N; Lum, F.-M; See, P; Kng, N.Q.-R; Huber, R.G; Xu, M.-H; Tan, H.-L; Choo, A ; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Ginhoux, F ; Fink, K; Wang, C.-I; Ng, L.F ; R‚nia, L 
2015Loss of TLR3 aggravates CHIKV replication and pathology due to an altered virus-specific neutralizing antibody responseHer, Z; Teng, T.-S; Tan, J.J.L; Teo, T.-H; Kam, Y.-W; Lum, F.-M; Lee, W.W.L; Gabriel, C; Melchiotti, R; Andiappan, A.K; Lulla, V; Lulla, A; Win, M.K; Chow, A ; Biswas, S.K ; Leo, Y.-S ; Lecuit, M; Merits, A; Rénia, L ; Ng, L.F.P 
2018Multimodal assessments of Zika virus immune pathophysiological responses in marmosetsLum, F.-M; Zhang, W; Lim, K.-C; Malleret, B ; Teo, T.-H; Koh, J.-J; Lee, K.J; Chua, T.-K; Kam, Y.-W; Yee, W.-X; Huen, I; Tan, J.J.L; Amrun, S.N; Prakash KN, B; Cozzone, P.J; Renia, L ; Lee, P.T.H; Ng, L.F.P 
2018Paradoxical effect of chloroquine treatment in enhancing chikungunya virus infectionRoques, P; Thiberville, S.-D; Dupuis-Maguiraga, L; Lum, F.-M; Labadie, K; Martinon, F; Gras, G; Lebon, P; Ng, L.F.P ; de Lamballerie, X; Le Grand, R
2018Plasmodium co-infection protects against chikungunya virus-induced pathologiesTeo, T.-H; Lum, F.-M; Ghaffar, K; Chan, Y.-H; Amrun, S.N; Tan, J.J.L; Lee, C.Y.P; Chua, T.-K; Carissimo, G; Lee, W.W.L; Claser, C; Rajarethinam, R; Rénia, L ; Ng, L.F.P 
2016Virus infection drives IL-2 antibody complexes into pro-inflammatory agonists in miceLee, W.W.L; Teo, T.-H; Lum, F.-M; Andiappan, A.K; Amrun, S.N; Rénia, L ; Rötzschke, O; Ng, L.F.P 
2018Zika virus infection preferentially counterbalances human peripheral monocyte and/or NK cell activityLum, F.-M; Lee, D; Chua, T.-K; Tan, J.J; Lee, C.Y.P; Liu, X; Fang, Y; Lee, B; Yee, W.-X; Rickett, N.Y; Chia, P.-Y; Lim, V; Leo, Y.-S ; Matthews, D.A; Hiscox, J.A; Nga, L.F.P