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2000A new mechanism of laser dry cleaningLuk'yanchuk, B.S.; Zheng, Y.W.; Lu, Y.F. 
1-Dec-2004Angle effect in laser nanopatterning with particle-maskWang, Z.B.; Hong, M.H. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.; Lin, Y. ; Wang, Q.F.; Chong, T.C. 
1-Sep-2001Dry laser cleaning of particles from solid substrates: Experiments and theoryZheng, Y.W.; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.; Lu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. ; Mai, Z.H.
2000Dynamics of subpicosecond laser ablation, examined by moments techniqueLuk'yanchuk, B.S.; Anisimov, S.I.; Lu, Y.F. 
Sep-2008Enhanced scattering efficiencies in spherical particles with weakly dissipating anisotropic materialsLuk'yanchuk, B.S.; Qiu, C.-W. 
2001Laser nano-engineering with the assistance of scanning probe microscope and optical resonance in microparticlesLu, Y.F. ; Hu, B.; Mai, Z.H.; Huang, S.M.; Zhang, L.; Zheng, Y.W.; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.; Song, W.D. ; Hong, M.H. ; Chong, T.C. 
2002Laser writing of nanostructures on magnetic film surfaces with optical near field effectsHuang, S.M.; Hong, M.H. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.; Song, W.D. ; Lu, Y.F. ; Chong, T.C. 
1-Oct-2007Nanopatterning mask fabrication by femtosecond laser irradiationZhou, Y.; Hong, M.H. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Lu, L. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.; Lim, C.S. ; Wang, Z.B.
2001Nanostructure fabrication using pulsed lasers and near-field optical properties of sub-micron particlesZhang, L.; Lu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. ; Zheng, Y.W.; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.
2004Optical resonance and near-field effects: Applications for nanopatterningLuk'yanchuk, B.S.; Wang, Z.B.; Hong, M.H. ; Chong, T.C.; Arnold, N.
2002Particle on the surface: Basic physical problems related to laser cleaningLuk'yanchuk, B.S.; Zheng, Y.W.; Lu, Y.F. 
2002Particle-enhanced near-field optical effect and laser writing for nanostructure fabricationLu, Y.F. ; Zhang, L.; Song, W.D. ; Zheng, Y.W.; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.
May-2002Sub-50 nm nanopatterning of metallic layers by green pulsed laser combined with atomic force microscopyHuang, S.M.; Hong, M.H. ; Luk'yanchuk, B.S.; Lu, Y.F. ; Song, W.D. ; Chong, T.C. 
2008What we expect from weakly dissipating materials at the range of plasmon resonance frequenciesLuk'yanchuk, B.S.; Chong, T.C.; Shi, L.P.; Tribelsky, M.I.; Wang, Z.B.; Li, L.; Qiu, C.-W. ; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Wu, J.H.