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2008Fine needle aspiration cytology in young women with breast cancer: Diagnostic difficultiesSomani, A.; Hwang, J.S.G.; Tan, P.H. ; Chaiwun, B.; Tse, G.M.K.; Lui, P.C.W.
May-2007Fine-needle aspiration cytology of metaplastic carcinoma of the breastLui, P.C.W.; Tse, G.M.K.; Puay, H.T. ; Jayaram, G.; Putti, T.C.; Chaiwun, B.; Chan, N.H.L.; Lau, P.P.L.; Kong, L.M.; Khin, A.T.
Jul-2004Increased c-kit (CD117) expression in malignant mammary phyllodes tumorsTse, G.M.K.; Putti, T.C. ; Lui, P.C.W.; Lo, A.W.I.; Scolyer, R.A.; Law, B.K.B.; Karim, R.; Lee, C.S.
2006Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast: A clinicopathological reviewTse, G.M.; Tan, P.H.; Putti, T.C. ; Lui, P.C.W.; Chaiwun, B.; Law, B.K.B.
Feb-2006p63 is useful in the diagnosis of mammary metaplastic carcinomasTse, G.M.; Tan, P.-H. ; Chaiwun, B.; Puttis, T.C. ; Lui, P.C.W.; Tsang, A.K.H.; Wong, F.C.L.; Lo, A.W.I.
May-2008Spindle cell lesions of the breast - The pathologic differential diagnosisTse, G.M.K.; Tan, P.H. ; Lui, P.C.W.; Putti, T.C. 
2005Stromal CD10 expression in mammary fibroadenomas and phyllodes tumoursTse, G.M.K.; Tsang, A.K.H.; Law, B.K.B.; Lui, P.C.W.; Putti, T.C. ; Scolyer, R.A.; Karim, R.Z.; Lee, C.S.
Sep-2004Stromal expression of vascular endothelial growth factor correlates with tumor grade and microvessel density in mammary phyllodes tumors: A multicenter study of 185 casesTse, G.M.K.; Lui, P.C.W.; Lee, C.S.; Kung, F.Y.L.; Scolyer, R.A.; Law, B.K.B.; Lau, T.-S.; Karim, R.; Putti, T.C. 
2005Stromal nitric oxide synthase (NOS) expression correlates with the grade of mammary phyllodes tumourTse, G.M.K.; Wong, F.C.; Tsang, A.K.H.; Lo, A.W.I.; Law, B.K.B.; Lui, P.C.W.; Putti, T.C. ; Lee, C.S.; Scolyer, R.A.; Karim, R.Z.
Oct-2003Tumour Angiogenesis and p53 Protein Expression in Mammary Phyllodes TumorsTse, G.M.K.; Lui, P.C.W.; Scolyer, R.A.; Putti, T.C. ; Kung, F.Y.L.; Law, B.K.B.; Lau, T.-S.; Soon Lee, C.