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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A generic framework for event detection in various video domainsZhang, T.; Xu, C.; Zhu, G. ; Liu, S. ; Lu, H.
2012A generic framework for video annotation via semi-supervised learningZhang, T.; Xu, C.; Zhu, G. ; Liu, S.; Lu, H.
Sep-2008A new strategy to induce effective antitumour response in vitro and in vivoWang, M.; Xie, Z. ; Shi, M.; Lu, H.; Yu, M.; Hu, M.; Lu, F.; Ma, Y.; Shen, B.; Guo, N.
2007Adapting relational database engine to accommodate moving objects in SpADEOoi, B.C. ; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Lin, D.; Lu, H.; Xu, L. 
1-May-2010An extremely long range exchange coupling in CrTe/ZnTe/MnTe trilayerLu, H.; Bi, J.F. ; Teo, K.L. ; Liew, T.; Chong, T.C.
8-Jun-2007Applications to Power System SchedulingAik, K.C.; Lai, L.L.; Lee, K.Y.; Lu, H.; Park, J.-B.; Song, Y.-H.; Srinivasan, D. ; Vlachogiannis, J.G.; Yu, I.K.
1998Buffer management in distributed database systems: A data mining-based approachFeng, L.; Lu, H.; Tay, Y.C. ; Tung, K.H. 
2010Chromatic dispersion monitoring of DQPSK and D8PSK signals based on delay-tap sampling techniqueYang, J.; He, M.; Lu, H.; Yu, C. ; Li, Z.
2007Collaborative spatial data sharing among mobile lightweight devicesHUANG ZHIYONG ; Jensen, C.S.; Lu, H.; Ooi, B.C. 
2010Compact codebook generation towards scale-invarianceLiu, S. ; Yan, S. ; Xu, C.; Lu, H.
2009Comprehensive query-dependent fusion using regression-on-folksonomies: A case study of multimodal music searchZhang, B.; Xiang, Q. ; Lu, H.; Shen, J.; Wang, Y. 
2008Construction and functional identification of a novel trivalent anti-ErbB2/anti-CD16 bispecific antibodyLu, H.; Wang, M.; Shi, M.; Hu, M.; Yu, M.; Shen, B.; Guo, N.; Ma, Y.; Xie, Z. 
Nov-2007Critical dimension uniformity via real-time photoresist thickness controlHo, W.K. ; Tay, A. ; Chen, M.; Fu, J. ; Lu, H.; Shan, X.
2011Design of high-SNR CMOS interface circuit for micro-machined gyroscopeLu, H.; Xu, Y. ; Wang, S.
2009Discovering tactics in broadcast sports video with trajectoriesZhang, Y.; Zhu, G. ; Lu, H.
2007Distributed, concurrent range monitoring of spatial-network constrained mobile objectsLu, H.; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Jensen, C.S.; Xu, L. 
2003Efficient mining of intertransaction association rulesTung, A.K.H. ; Lu, H.; Han, J.; Feng, L.
2005Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 does not induce lymphoma in transgenic FVB miceKang, M.-S.; Lu, H.; Yasui, T.; Cahir-McFarland, E.; Hung, S.C. ; Kieff, E.; Sharpe, A.; Warren, H.; Bronson, R.
Sep-2002Evaluation of commercial electroless nickel chemicals for a low cost wafer bumping processLu, H.; Kang, C.L.; Wong, S.C.K.; Gong, H. 
2009Exchange bias in zinc-blende CrTe-MnTe bilayerBi, J.F.; Lu, H.; Sreenivasan, M.G.; Teo, K.L.