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2013Application of a high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assay to a health screen cohort of young Asian women and association with cardiovascular risk factorsTan, K.M.L.; Ong, L.; Loh, T.P.; Saw, S.; Sethi, S.K. 
Jun-2012Bedside monitoring of blood ketone for management of diabetic ketoacidosis: Proceed with careLoh, T.P.; Saw, S.; Sethi, S.K. 
Mar-2013Clinical consequences of erroneous laboratory results that went unnoticed for 10 daysLoh, T.P.; Lee, L.C.; Sethi, S.K. ; Deepak, D.S.
Apr-2012Clinical value of add-on chemistry testing in a large tertiary-care teaching hospitalLoh, T.P.; Saw, S.; Sethi, S.K. 
Feb-2011Comparison of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and seasonal influenza viral loads, SingaporeLee, C.K.; Lee, H.K.; Loh, T.P.; Lai, F.Y.L.; Tambyah, P.A. ; Chiu, L.; Koay, E.S.C. ; Tang, J.W.
1-Feb-2013Evidence-based approach to reducing perceived wasteful practices in laboratory medicineLoh, T.P.; Sethi, S.K. 
Oct-2010Extra blood tubes - An affordable excess?Loh, T.P.; Saw, S.; Sethi, S.K. 
Oct-2013Extremely high (>20 %) glycated haemoglobin A1c in patients with normal haemoglobin and erythrocyte parametersLoh, T.P.; Zhang, H.L.; Cheah, J.S. 
Nov-2011Glycated haemoglobin: What is the diagnostic yield at shortened testing intervals?Loh, T.P.; Tan, K.M.L.; Saw, S.; Sethi, S.K. 
Sep-2013High concentration of IgM-κ paraprotein causes over-estimation of serum total protein by certain biuret methodLoh, T.P.; Leong, S.M. ; Sethi, S.K.
2010Hyperphosphatemia in a 56-year-old man with hypochondrial painLoh, T.P.; Saw, S.; Sethi, S.K. 
16-Jan-2013Identification of hemoglobin variants in samples received for glycated hemoglobin testingSaw, S.; Loh, T.P.; Yin, C.; Sethi, S.K. 
2012Immunoglobulin-associated creatine kinase masquerading as macro-creatine kinase type 2 in a statin userLoh, T.P.; Ang, Y.H.; Neo, S.F.; Yin, C.; Wong, M.S.; Leong, S.M. ; Saw, S.; Sethi, S.K.
30-Jan-2011Impact of phlebotomy decision support application on sample collection errors and laboratory efficiencyLoh, T.P.; Saw, S.; Chai, V.; Sethi, S.K. 
Jun-2013Lack of standardized description of TRAb assaysTan, K.; Loh, T.P.; Sethi, S. 
Jul-2011Meeting regulatory requirements by the use of cell phone text message notification with autoescalation and loop closure for reporting of critical laboratory resultsSaw, S.; Loh, T.P.; Ang, S.B.L. ; Yip, J.W.L.; Sethi, S.K. 
Aug-2013Non-ionic radiologic contrast (iohexol) interferes with laboratory measurements of endocrine hormonesLoh, T.P.; Mok, S.F.; Ang, B.W.L. ; Chuah, T.Y.; Sethi, S.K. 
1-Nov-2013Racial differences and relationships between gestational thyrotropin and free thyroxine in a multiracial Asian populationLoh, T.P.; Khoo, C.M. ; Lim, P. ; Sethi, S.K. 
Oct-2011Tripeptide inhibitors of dengue and West Nile virus NS2B-NS3 proteaseSchüller, A. ; Yin, Z.; Brian Chia, C.S.; Doan, D.N.P.; Kim, H.-K.; Shang, L.; Loh, T.P.; Hill, J.; Vasudevan, S.G.