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10-Sep-2008A peptide-based carrier for intracellular delivery of proteins into malignant glial cells in vitroWu, C.; Lo, S.L.; Boulaire, J.; Hong, M.L.W.; Beh, H.M.; Leung, D.S.Y.; Wang, S. 
11-May-2012A β-sheet structure interacting peptide for intracellular protein delivery into human pluripotent stem cells and their derivativesLo, S.L.; Lua, S.; Song, J. ; Wang, S. 
May-2008An endosomolytic Tat peptide produced by incorporation of histidine and cysteine residues as a nonviral vector for DNA transfectionLo, S.L.; Wang, S. 
21-Mar-2013Aqueous synthesis of highly luminescent AgInS2-ZnS quantum dots and their biological applicationsRegulacio, M.D.; Win, K.Y.; Lo, S.L.; Zhang, S.-Y.; Zhang, X.; Wang, S. ; Han, M.-Y. ; Zheng, Y.
9-Mar-2012Evaluation of the use of amphipathic peptide-based protein carrier for in vitro cancer researchLo, S.L.; Wang, S. 
2010Gene transfer using self-assembled ternary complexes of cationic magnetic nanoparticles, plasmid DNA and cell-penetrating tat peptideSong, H.P. ; Yang, J.Y.; Lo, S.L.; Wang, Y.; Fan, W.M.; Tang, X.S. ; Xue, J.M. ; Wang, S. 
2013Intracellular delivery of biologically active proteins with peptide-based carriersLo, S.L.; Wang, S. 
25-Aug-2010Peptide-Based Nanocarriers for Intracellular Delivery of Biologically Active ProteinsLo, S.L.; Wang, S. 
26-Apr-2013Quantum dot coating of baculoviral vectors enables visualization of transduced cells and tissuesZhao, Y.; Lo, S.L.; Zheng, Y.; Lam, D.H.; Wu, C.; Han, M.Y.; Wang, S.