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Aug-2012A general protocol for the synthesis of pt-sn/c catalysts for the ethanol electrooxidation reactionLiu, B. ; Chia, Z.-W.; Lee, Z.-Y.; Cheng, C.-H.; Lee, J.-Y. ; Liu, Z.-L.
5-Jul-2007Asymmetric tubular oxygen-permeable ceramic membrane reactor for partial oxidation of methaneYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
2004Carbon supported Pt nanoparticles prepared by microwave heating and their electrocatalytic activities for methanol oxidationChen, W.-X. ; Lee, J.-Y. ; Liu, Z.-L.
20-Jan-2006Development of oxygen transport membrane La0.2Sr 0.8CoO3-δ/Ce0.8Gd0.2O 2-δ on the tubular CeO2 supportYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
Mar-2004Electrochemical intercalation of lithium in carbon nanotubes-Sn2Sb nanocomposites used as anode of lithium ion batteriesChen, W.-X. ; Li, N.; Han, G.; LEE, J.Y. ; Liu, Z.-L.
18-Feb-2009Exploring the water-soluble phosphine ligand as the environmentally friendly stabilizer for electroless nickel platingWang, K.; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
3-Sep-2008Investigation into the roles of sulfur-containing amino acids in electroless nickel plating bathWang, K.; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
2003Microwave synthesis of Ru/C nanocomposite for electrochemical supercapacitor applicationsChen, W.-X. ; Han, G.; Lee, J.-Y. ; Liu, Z.-L.; Xu, Z.-D.
5-Jan-2006Oxygen permeation through the LSCO-80/CeO2 asymmetric tubular membrane reactorYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
1-Dec-2004PtRu/carbon catalyst: Microwave polyol synthesis and electrocatalytic activity for methanol electrooxidationChen, W.-X. ; Yu, G.-Y.; Zhao, J.; Lee, J.-Y. ; Liu, Z.-L.
2004Rapid synthesis of XC-72 and carbon nanotubes supported PtRu nanoparticles by microwave irradiation for methanol electrooxidation applicationChen, W.-X. ; Zhao, J.; Lee, J.-Y. ; Liu, Z.-L.
2013The hybrid equivalent current - Physical optics method for analysis of arbitrary onboard antenna with large-scale platformLiu, Z.-L.; Wang, X.; Wang, C.-F. 
15-May-2012The importance of water in the polyol synthesis of carbon supported platinum-tin oxide catalysts for ethanol electrooxidationLiu, B. ; Chia, Z.-W.; Lee, Z.-Y.; Cheng, C.-H.; Lee, J.-Y. ; Liu, Z.-L.