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1-Mar-2003Analogues of Jacobi's inversion formula for the incomplete elliptic integral of the first kindChan, H.H. ; Liu, Z.-G.
2008Autophagy plays a protective role during zVAD-induced necrotic cell deathWu, Y.-T.; Tan, H.-L.; Huang, Q. ; Ong, C.-N.; Shen, H.-M.; Kim, Y.-S.; Liu, Z.-G.; Pan, N.; Ong, W.-Y.; Shen, H.-M.
2013Broadband circularly polarized Fabry-Perot resonator antennaLiu, Z.-G.; Guo, Y.-X. ; Xie, N.
2012Broadband reflectarray with single layer sub-wavelength patch elements fed by SIW tapered slot antennaLiu, Z.-G.; Guo, Y.-X. 
May-2007c-Jun N-terminal kinase mediates hydrogen peroxide-induced cell death via sustained poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 activationZhang, S.; Lin, Y.; Kim, Y.-S.; Hande, M.P.; Liu, Z.-G.; Shen, H.-M. 
15-Apr-2006Circular summation of theta functions in Ramanujan's Lost NotebookChan, H.H. ; Liu, Z.-G.; Ng, S.T.
Sep-2010Effect of primary source location on fabry-perot resonator antenna with PEC or PMC ground plateLiu, Z.-G.; Guo, Y.-X. 
Jul-2006Elliptic functions to the quintic baseChan, H.H. ; Liu, Z.-G.
Jul-2004Essential roles of receptor-interacting protein and TRAF2 in oxidative stress-induced cell deathShen, H.-M. ; Lin, Y.; Choksi, S.; Tran, J.; Jin, T.; Chang, L.; Karin, M.; Zhang, J.; Liu, Z.-G.
20-Nov-2006IKKβ programs to turn on the GADD45α-MKK4-JNK apoptotic cascade specifically via p50 NF-κB in arsenite responseSong, L.; Li, J.; Zhang, D.; Liu, Z.-G.; Ye, J.; Zhan, Q.; Shen, H.-M. ; Whiteman, M.; Huang, C.
15-Mar-2006JNK signaling pathway is a key modulator in cell death mediated by reactive oxygen and nitrogen speciesShen, H.-M. ; Liu, Z.-G.
Feb-2005Large intragranular low field magnetoresistance in polycrystalline S2Fe1-xAlxMoO6 compoundsWang, X.-J.; Sui, Y.; Qian, Z.-N.; Cheng, J.-G.; Liu, Z.-G.; Li, Y.; Su, W.-H.; Ong, C.K. 
2013Monopulse Fabry-Perot resonator antennaLiu, Z.-G.; Guo, Y.-X. 
Feb-2008Signaling pathways from membrane lipid rafts to JNK1 activation in reactive nitrogen species-induced non-apoptotic cell deathWu, Y.-T.; Zhang, S.; Kim, Y.-S.; Tan, H.-L.; Whiteman, M.; Ong, C.-N. ; Liu, Z.-G.; Ichijo, H.; Shen, H.-M. 
Jul-2009The Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction and a new Eisenstein series identityChan, H.H. ; Chan, S.H.; Liu, Z.-G.