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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A 2D time domain method for electrical analysis of electronic packagesLiu, E.-X.; Wei, X.; Oo, Z.Z.; Li, E.-P. 
Feb-2004A coupled efficient and systematic full-wave time-domain macromodeling and circuit simulation method for signal integrity analysis of high-speed interconnectsLi, E.-P. ; Liu, E.-X.; Li, L.-W. ; Leong, M.-S. 
2005A novel integrated approach for simulation of electromagnetic susceptibility problemJin, H.-F.; Li, E.-P. ; Liu, E.-X.
May-2008A semi-analytical approach for system-level electrical modeling of electronic packages with large number of viasOo, Z.Z.; Liu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P. ; Wei, X.; Zhang, Y.; Tan, M.; Li, L.-W.J. ; Vahldieck, R.
2007A systematic semi-numerical approach for modeling of signal and power integrity of electronic packagesLi, E.-P. ; Liu, E.-X.; Oo, Z.Z.; Wei, X.; Zhang, Y.; Vahldieck, R.
2008An efficient method for power integrity and EMI analysis of advanced packagesLiu, E.-X.; Wei, X.; Oo, Z.Z.; Li, E.-P. 
2007An efficient method for power integrity and EMI analysis of irregular-shaped power/ground planes in packagesLiu, E.-X.; Wei, X.; Oo, Z.Z.; Li, E.-P. 
Feb-2006Analysis of multilayer planar circuits by a hybrid methodLiu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P.; Li, L.-W. 
5-Nov-2003Analysis of signal propagation on high-speed planar interconnect systems based on full-wave and macromodeling techniquesLiu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P. ; Li, L.-W. 
2004Computing the RCS of dielectric coated objects using multilevel fast multipole algrithm: Impedance boudary condition approachOo, Z.Z.; Liu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P.; Zhang, Y.J.; Li, L.-W. 
2008Efficient analysis for multilayer power-ground planes with multiple vias and signal traces in an advanced electronic packageOo, Z.Z.; Wei, X.-C.; Liu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P. ; Li, L.-W. 
2008Efficient modeling of rerouted return currents in multilayered power-ground planes by using integral equationWei, X.-C.; Li, E.-P. ; Liu, E.-X.; Cui, X.
2008Emission and susceptibility modeling of finite-size power-ground planes using a hybrid integral equation methodWei, X.-C.; Li, E.-P. ; Liu, E.-X.; Chua, E.-K.; Oo, Z.-Z.; Vahldieck, R.
2006Extraction of circuit parameters for transmission lines by compact 2D FDFD methodLiu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P. ; Li, L.-W. 
Jan-2005Finite-difference time-domain macromodel for simulation of electromagnetic interference at high-speed interconnectsLiu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P.; Li, L.-W. ; Shen, Z.
Jan-2005Hybrid FDTD-MPIE method for the simulation of locally inhomogeneous multilayer LTCC structureLiu, E.-X.; Li, E.-P.; Li, L.-W. 
2007Hybrid of scattering matrix method and integral equation used for co-simulation of power integrity and EMI in electronic package with large number of P/G viasOo, Z.Z.; Liu, E.-X.; Wei, X.; Choon, M.T.Y.; Li, E.-P.; Zhang, Y.; Li, L.-W. 
2009Hybridization of the scattering matrix method and modal decomposition for analysis of signal traces in a power distribution networkOo, Z.Z.; Li, E.-P. ; Wei, X.-C.; Liu, E.-X.; Zhang, Y.-J.; Li, L.-W.J. 
2012Impact of TSV induced thermo-mechanical stress on semiconductor device performanceLee, H.M.; Liu, E.-X.; Samudra, G.S. ; Li, E.-P.
2007Modeling of advanced multilayered packages with multiple vias and finite ground planesLiu, E.-X.; Wei, X.; Oo, Z.Z.; Li, E.-P. ; Li, L.-W.