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21-Nov-2012ARTEMIN Promotes De Novo Angiogenesis in ER Negative Mammary Carcinoma through Activation of TWIST1-VEGF-A SignallingBanerjee, A.; Wu, Z.-S.; Qian, P.-X.; Kang, J.; Liu, D.-X.; Zhu, T.; Lobie, P.E. 
14-Dec-2012Artemin stimulates radio- and chemo-resistance by promoting TWIST1-BCL-2-dependent cancer stem cell-like behavior in mammary carcinoma cellsBanerjee, A.; Qian, P.; Wu, Z.-S.; Ren, X.; Steiner, M.; Bougen, N.M.; Liu, S.; Liu, D.-X.; Zhu, T.; Lobie, P.E. 
7-Nov-2011ARTEMIN synergizes with TWIST1 to promote metastasis and poor survival outcome in patients with ER negative mammary carcinomaBanerjee, A.; Wu, Z.-S.; Qian, P.; Kang, J.; Pandey, V.; Liu, D.-X.; Zhu, T.; Lobie, P.E. 
Aug-2013Growth hormone and cancer: An update on progressPerry, J.K.; Liu, D.-X.; Wu, Z.-S.; Zhu, T.; Lobie, P.E. 
1-Dec-2013SHON is a novel estrogen-regulated oncogene in mammary carcinoma that predicts patient response to endocrine therapyJung, Y.; Abdel-Fatah, T.M.A.; Chan, S.Y.T.; Nolan, C.C.; Green, A.R.; Ellis, I.O.; Li, L.; Huang, B.; Lu, J.; Xu, B.; Chen, L.; Ma, R.Z.; Zhang, M.; Wang, J.; Wu, Z.; Zhu, T.; Perry, J.K.; Lobie, P.E. ; Liu, D.-X.
Sep-2010STAT3α is oncogenic for endometrial carcinoma cells and mediates the oncogenic effects of autocrine human growth hormoneTang, J.-Z.; Kong, X.-J.; Banerjee, A.; Muniraj, N.; Pandey, V.; Steiner, M.; Perry, J.K.; Zhu, T.; Liu, D.-X.; Lobie, P.E. 
Dec-2012The prolactin receptor mediates HOXA1-stimulated oncogenicity in mammary carcinoma cellsHou, L.; Xu, B.; Mohankumar, K.M.; Goffin, V.; Perry, J.K.; Lobie, P.E. ; Liu, D.-X.
Dec-2010Trefoil factor 3 is oncogenic and mediates anti-estrogen resistance in human mammary carcinomaKannan, N.; Kang, I.; Kong, X.; Tang, J.; Perry, J.K.; Mohankumar, K.M.; Miller, L.D.; Liu, E.T.; Mertani, H.C.; Zhu, T.; Grandison, P.M.; Liu, D.-X.; Lobie, P.E.