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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2007A multiobjective memetic algorithm based on particle swarm optimizationLiu, D.; Tan, K.C. ; Goh, C.K.; Ho, W.K. 
2-Jun-2000A zebrafish Ftz-F1 (Fushi Tarazu Factor 1) homologue requires multiple subdomains in the D and E regions for its transcriptional activityLiu, D.; Chandy, M.; Lee, S.-K.; Le Dréan, Y.; Ando, H.; Xiong, F.; Lee, J.W.; Hew, C.L. 
2001Antibody response to Epstein-Barr virus Rta protein in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma a new serologic parameter for diagnosisFeng, P. ; Chan, S.H. ; Soo, M.Y.R.; Ren, E.C. ; Hu, A. ; Liu, D.; Guan, M.
19-Jul-2002Autocrine human growth hormone inhibits placental transforming growth factor-β gene transcription to prevent apoptosis and allow cell cycle progression of human mammary carcinoma cellsGraichen, R. ; Liu, D.; Sun, Y.; Lee, K.-O.; Lobie, P.E.
2013Characterization of directly modulated self-seeded reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers utilized as colorless transmitters in WDM-PONsXiong, F.; Zhong, W.-D.; Zhu, M.; Kim, H. ; Xu, Z.; Liu, D.
2013Electrochemical investigation into the dissolution mechanism of anodic oxide films on siliconLiu, D.; Blackwood, D.J. 
2000Expression of Epstein-Barr virus lytic gene BRLF1 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Potential use in diagnosisFeng, P.; Ren, E.C. ; Liu, D.; Chan, S.H. ; Hu, H. 
2012Hybrid social media networkLiu, D.; Ye, G.; Chen, C.-T.; Yan, S. ; Chang, S.-F.
Dec-2011Identification of two new loci at IL23R and RAB32 that influence susceptibility to leprosyZhang, F.; Liu, H.; Chen, S.; Low, H.; Sun, L.; Cui, Y.; Chu, T.; Li, Y.; Fu, X.; Yu, Y.; Yu, G.; Shi, B.; Tian, H.; Liu, D.; Yu, X.; Li, J.; Lu, N.; Bao, F.; Yuan, C.; Liu, J.; Liu, H.; Zhang, L.; Sun, Y.; Chen, M.; Yang, Q.; Yang, H.; Yang, R.; Zhang, L.; Wang, Q.; Zuo, F.; Zhang, H.; Khor, C.C. ; Hibberd, M.L. ; Yang, S.; Liu, J. ; Zhang, X.
Aug-2011Image retagging using collaborative tag propagationLiu, D.; Yan, S. ; Hua, X.-S.; Zhang, H.-J.
Feb-2013Image retrieval with query-adaptive hashingLiu, D.; Yan, S. ; Ji, R.-R.; Hua, X.-S.; Zhang, H.-J.
2002Laser micro-bumping and contamination-free tagging on magnetic hard disk surfaces, techniques and applicationsLiu, D.; Wee, T.S.; Yuan, Y.; Lu, Y.F. ; Hong, M. ; Goh, R.
2002Laser reflow plastic ball grid arrayLiu, D.; Chen, T.; Yuan, Y.; Lu, Y.F. ; Hong, M. ; Goh, R.
2005Message from the Technical Program Committee chairLi, L.-W. ; De Maagt, P.; Chen, X.; He, S.; Hori, T.; Jin, R.-H.; Leung, K.W.; Liu, D.; Min, K.-S.; Tay, R.; Wu, Z.; Zhu, L.; Zhang, Y.P.
22-Apr-2011mTOR complex 2 targets Akt for proteasomal degradation via phosphorylation at the hydrophobic motifWu, Y.-T.; Ouyang, W.; Lazorchak, A.S.; Liu, D.; Shen, H.-M. ; Su, B.
2011Next photo please: Towards visually consistent sequential photo browsingLiu, D.; Yan, S. ; Zhang, H.-J.
2006Numerical simulation of three-dimensional fluid sloshing in a container with 6 degrees-of-freedom of motionLiu, D.; Gu, H. ; Lin, P. 
2006Numerical simulation of three-dimensional viscous fluid sloshingLiu, D.; Lin, P. 
2009Peer-assisted view-dependent progressive mesh streamingCheng, W.; Liu, D.; Ooi, W.T. 
Jan-2001Plastic ball grid array reflow using a fast-modulated CW laserLiu, D.; Lu, Y.-F. ; Yuan, Y.; Chen, T.; Prematilleke, L.