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Mar-2011Associations of retinal microvascular signs and intracranial large artery diseaseDe Silva, D.A.; Manzano, J.J.F.; Woon, F.-P.; Liu, E.Y.; Lee, M.-P.; Gan, H.-Y.; Chen, C.P.L.H.; Chang, H.-M.; Mitchell, P.; Wang, J.J.; Lindley, R.I.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Wong, M.-C.
Oct-2010Differential associations of cortical and subcortical cerebral atrophy with retinal vascular signs in patients with acute strokeBaker, M.L.; Wang, J.J.; Liew, G.; Hand, P.J.; De Silva, D.A.; Lindley, R.I.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, M.-C.; Rochtchina, E.; Wong, T.Y. ; Wardlaw, J.M.; Hankey, G.J.
2010Retinal fractals and acute lacunar strokeCheung, N.; Wang, J.J.; Baker, M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Liew, G.; Mitchell, P.; Lindley, R.I.; Liu, E.Y.; Hand, P.
30-Aug-2011Retinal microvascular changes and subsequent vascular events after ischemic strokeDe Silva, D.A.; Manzano, J.J.F.; Liu, E.Y.; Woon, F.-P.; Wong, W.-X.; Chang, H.-M.; Chen, C. ; Lindley, R.I.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Wong, T.-Y.; Wong, M.-C.
2009Retinal microvascular signs and cognitive impairmentLiew, G.; Mitchell, P.; Kaushik, S.; Wang, J.J.; Wong, T.Y. ; Cheung, N.; Lindley, R.I.
Apr-2010Retinal microvascular signs may provide clues to the underlying vasculopathy in patients with deep intracerebral hemorrhageBaker, M.L.; Hand, P.J.; Liew, G.; Wong, T.Y. ; Rochtchina, E.; Mitchell, P.; Lindley, R.I.; Hankey, G.J.; Wang, J.J.
Jul-2009Retinal microvasculature in acute lacunar stroke: a cross-sectional studyLindley, R.I.; Wang, J.J.; Wong, M.-C.; Mitchell, P.; Liew, G.; Hand, P.; Wardlaw, J.; De Silva, D.A.; Baker, M.; Rochtchina, E.; Chen, C.; Hankey, G.J.; Chang, H.-M.; Fung, V.S.; Gomes, L.; Wong, T.Y. 
Dec-2009Retinal vascular caliber and extracranial carotid disease in patients with acute ischemic stroke: The multi-centre retinal stroke (mcrs) studyDe Silva, D.A. ; Liew, G.; Wong, M.-C.; Chang, H.-M. ; Chen, C. ; Wang, J.J.; Baker, M.L.; Hand, P.J.; Rochtchina, E.; Liu, E.Y.; Mitchell, P.; Lindley, R.I.; Wong, T.Y. 
Oct-2010Retinopathy and lobar intracerebral hemorrhage insights into pathogenesisBaker, M.L.; Hand, P.J.; Wong, T.Y. ; Liew, G.; Rochtchina, E.; Mitchell, P.; Lindley, R.I.; Hankey, G.J.; Wang, J.J.
Dec-2012The relationship between aortic stiffness and changes in retinal microvessels among Asian ischemic stroke patientsDe Silva, D.A.; Woon, F.-P.; Manzano, J.J.F.; Liu, E.Y.; Chang, H.-M.; Chen, C.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Kingwell, B.A.; Cameron, J.D.; Lindley, R.I.; Wong, T.Y. ; Wong, M.-C.
Feb-2011Transient ischemic attack and acute ischemic stroke: Associations with retinal microvascular signsWang, J.J.; Baker, M.L.; Hand, P.J.; Hankey, G.J.; Lindley, R.I.; Rochtchina, E.; Wong, T.Y. ; Liew, G.; Mitchell, P.