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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2006A force-feedback control system for micro-assemblyLu, Z. ; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Ganapathy, A.; Zhao, G. ; Nam, J.; Yang, G.; Burdet, E.; Teo, C. ; Meng, Q.; Lin, W.
2004A make-to-stock production system with an emergency production rateJaruphongsa, W. ; Lee, C. ; Lin, W.
1-Feb-2007A micromanipulation system with dynamic force-feedback for automatic batch microinjectionLu, Z. ; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Nam, J.; Ge, R. ; Lin, W.
2007A simulation study on the uses of shuttle carriers in the container yardLee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. ; Tan, K.C. ; Huang, H.C. ; Lin, W.; Han, Y. ; Chan, T.H.
2004A window-based object allocation and replication algorithm for real-time distributed database systems in mobile computing environmentLin, W.; Veeravalli, B. 
Mar-2012Activated T cells modulate immunosuppression by embryonic-and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells through a feedback mechanismLin, W.; Oh, S.K.W.; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE ; George, A.J.T.
2014An ethA-ethR-deficient Mycobacterium bovis BCG mutant displays increased adherence to mammalian cells and greater persistence in vivo, which correlate with altered mycolic acid compositionAng, M.L.T.; Siti, Z.Z.R.; Shui, G. ; Dianišková, P.; Madacki, J.; Lin, W.; Koh, V.H.Q.; Gomez, J.M.M.; Sudarkodi, S.; Bendt, A.; Wenk, M.; Mikušová, K.; Korduláková, J.; Pethe, K.; Alonso, S.
1-Apr-2006An integrated probe sensor for micro-force measurementLu, Z. ; Luo, H.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lin, W.
7-Feb-2013Characterization of Phosphofructokinase Activity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Reveals That a Functional Glycolytic Carbon Flow Is Necessary to Limit the Accumulation of Toxic Metabolic Intermediates under HypoxiaPhong, W.Y.; Lin, W.; Rao, S.P.S.; Dick, T. ; Alonso, S.; Pethe, K.
2009Children's choice of games: The influence of prosocial tendency and education-levelChen, V.H.-H.; Lin, W.; Ng, C.W.; Chai, S.L.; Khoo, A.C.E.; Duh, H.B.-L. 
2009Communicative behaviors and flow experience in tabletop gamingChen, V.H.-H.; Lin, W.; Haller, M.; Leitner, J.; Duh, H.B.-L. 
Mar-2003Computation speedup in the dynamic simulation of MEMS by macromodelsLin, W.; Liang, Y.; Lee, K.H. ; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, H.P.
2005Design and experimental evaluation of an adaptive object replication algorithm in distributed network systemsLin, W.; Veeravalli, B. 
Feb-2013Diminishing marginal returns from R&D investment: Evidence from manufacturing firmsFaff, R.; Ho, Y.-K. ; Lin, W.; Yap, C.-M. 
Feb-2013Diminishing marginal returns from R&D investment: Evidence from manufacturing firmsFaff, R.; Ho, Y.-K. ; Lin, W.; Yap, C.-M. 
Jul-2006Estimating just-noticeable distortion for videoJia, Y.; Lin, W.; Kassim, A.A. 
Sep-1999Estimation of overall effective coefficient of heat transfer for nonisothermal fixed-bed adsorptionLin, W.; Farooq, S. ; Tien, C. 
2009Evaluation of wire bond integrity through force detected wire vibration analysisLuo, H.; Lu, Z.; Nam, J.H.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lin, W.
Dec-2012Feature selection for computer-aided angle closure glaucoma mechanism detectionWirawan, A.; Kwoh, C.K.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Aquino, M.C.D.; Loon, S.C.; See, J.; Zheng, C.; Lin, W.
2010Force control for mechanoinduction of impedance variation in cellular organismsNam, J.H.; Chen, P.C.Y. ; Lu, Z.; Luo, H.; Ge, R. ; Lin, W.