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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2010A physical model of exchange bias in [Pd/Co]5 /FeMn thin films with perpendicular anisotropyLin, L.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Joo, H.W. ; Heo, J.; Lee, K.A.; Bae, S. 
2009Adaptive model for integrating different types of associated texts for automated annotation of Web imagesXu, H.; Zhou, X.; Lin, L.; Wang, M.; Chua, T.-S. 
Nov-2011Adaptive object tracking by learning hybrid template onlineLiu, X.; Lin, L.; Yan, S. ; Jin, H.; Jiang, W.
1997An integrated setup planning and fixture design system for prismatic partsLin, L.; Zhang, Y.F. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
Mar-2011Capsule endoscopy-A mechatronics perspectiveLin, L.; Rasouli, M.; Kencana, A.P.; Tan, S.L.; Wong, K.J.; Ho, K.Y. ; Phee, S.J.
Jan-2011Condition numbers and perturbation analysis for the Tikhonov regularization of discrete ill-posed problemsChu, D. ; Lin, L.; Tan, R.C.E. ; Wei, Y.
Dec-2009Correlation between the degradation of perpendicular anisotropy and the double hysteresis behavior in [Pd/Co]n/FeMn exchange biased thin filmsKim, S. ; Bae, S. ; Lin, L.; Joo, H.W. ; Hwang, D.G.
2013Correntropy induced L2 graph for robust subspace clusteringLu, C.; Tang, J.; Lin, M.; Lin, L.; Yan, S. ; Lin, Z.
Feb-2014Dual targeting of glioblastoma multiforme with a proteasome inhibitor (Velcade) and a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitor (ZSTK474)Lin, L.; Gaut, D.; Hu, K.; Yan, H.; Yin, D.; Koeffler, H.P. 
2007Effects of Co80 Fe20 insertion layer on perpendicular exchange bias characteristics in [PdCo]5 FeMn bilayered thin filmsLin, L.; Kim, S. ; Bae, S. ; Joo, H.W.; Hwang, D.G.; Lee, S.S.
Apr-2010Effects of NiFe/Co insertion at the [Pd/Co] and Cu interface on the magnetic and GMR properties in perpendicularly magnetized [Pd/Co]/Cu/[Co/Pd] pseudo spin-valvesThiyagarajah, N. ; Lin, L.; Bae, S. 
13-Dec-2010Enhancement of perpendicular exchange bias in [Pd/Co]/FeMn thin films by tailoring the magnetoelastically induced perpendicular anisotropyLin, L.; Thiyagarajah, N. ; Joo, H.W. ; Heo, J.; Lee, K.A.; Bae, S. 
Dec-2000Evaluating the soundness of bonding using shearographyHung, Y.Y.; Luo, W.D.; Lin, L.; Shang, H.M. 
2002Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in head and neck cancers correlates with clinical progression: A multicentre immunohistochemical study in the Asia-Pacific regionPutti, T.C. ; Lee, Y.S. ; To, K.F.; Tse, G.; Chan, A.T.C.; Hsu, H.C.; Lai, G.M.; Whang-Peng, J.; Millward, M.; Lee, C.S.; Lin, L.; Lin, X.
26-Nov-2012Fabrication of single-dot planar nano-devices and the application to the exchange bias characterization in nano-pillar devicesThiyagarajah, N. ; Lin, L.; Bae, S. 
2013Incorporating structural alternatives and sharing into hierarchy for multiclass object recognition and detectionWang, X.; Lin, L.; Huang, L.; Yan, S. 
1995Inhibitors of protein and RNA synthesis block the cytotoxic effects of non-steroidal antiestrogensHwang, P.L. ; Shoon, M.Y.; Low, Y.L. ; Lin, L.; Ng, H.L.
Apr-2011Integrating spatio-temporal context with multiview representation for object recognition in visual surveillanceLiu, X.; Lin, L.; Yan, S. ; Jin, H.; Tao, W.
21-Feb-2013Microfluidic cell trap array for controlled positioning of single cells on adhesive micropatternsLin, L.; Chu, Y.-S.; Thiery, J.P. ; Lim, C.T. ; Rodriguez, I.
May-2000NDT of joined surfaces using digital time-integrated shearography with multiple-frequency sweepHung, Y.Y.; Luo, W.D.; Lin, L.; Shang, H.M.