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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013A bumpless hybrid supervisory control algorithm for the formation of unmanned helicoptersKarimoddini, A.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
May-2007Advances in exploration of machine learning methods for predicting functional class and interaction profiles of proteins and peptides irrespective of sequence homologyCui, J.; Han, L. ; Lin, H.; Tang, Z.; Ji, Z.; Cao, Z.; Li, Y.; Chen, Y. 
1-Oct-2012An input-output simulation approach to controlling multi-affine systems for linear temporal logic specificationsSun, Y.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. 
1-Nov-2012Analysis and control of closed quantum systems based on real-valued dynamicsXue, Z.; Lin, H.; Lee, T.H. 
Jan-2014Bisimilarity enforcing supervisory control for deterministic specificationsSun, Y.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. 
2012Decentralized bisimilarity control of discrete event systemsSun, Y.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. 
10-Sep-2013Design and fabrication of a new class of nano hybrid materials based on reactive polymeric molecular cagesZhang, D.S.; Liu, X.Y. ; Li, J.L.; Xu, H.Y.; Lin, H.; Chen, Y.Y.
28-Mar-2013Design and synthesis of amphiphilic xanthone-based, membrane-targeting antimicrobials with improved membrane selectivityZou, H.; Koh, J.-J.; Li, J.; Qiu, S.; Aung, T.T.; Lin, H.; Lakshminarayanan, R. ; Dai, X.; Tang, C.; Lim, F.H.; Zhou, L.; Tan, A.L.; Verma, C. ; Tan, D.T.H.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Saraswathi, P.; Cao, D.; Liu, S. ; Beuerman, R.W.
1-Feb-2013Graph-theoretic characterisations of structural controllability for multi-agent system with switching topologyLiu, X.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. 
Feb-2013Hybrid three-dimensional formation control for unmanned helicoptersKarimoddini, A.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
2013Identification of unknown parameters for a class of two-level quantum systemsXue, Z.; Lin, H.; Lee, T.H. 
10-May-2006Integrated process of photoresist trimming and dielectric hard mask etching for sub-50 nm gate patterningBliznetsov, V.; Kumar, R.; Lin, H.; Ang, K.-W.; Yoo, W.J. ; Du, A.
Jan-2004Performance of a biofilm airlift suspension reactor for synthetic wastewater treatmentLin, H.; Ong, S.L. ; Ng, W.J.; Khan, E.
Jul-2006Recent progresses in the application of machine learning approach for predicting protein functional class independent of sequence similarity.Han, L. ; Cui, J.; Lin, H.; Ji, Z. ; Cao, Z. ; Li, Y.; Chen, Y. 
2011Revisiting radiometric calibration for color computer visionLin, H.; Kim, S.J. ; Susstrunk, S.; Brown, M.S. 
2009Robust stability of discrete-time switched delay systems and its application to network-based reliable controlDai, S.-L.; Lin, H.; Sam Ge, S. 
2012Stability analysis for uncertain linear systems with random parametersLi, X.; Lin, H.; Lian, J.; Chen, B.M. 
Dec-2013Structural controllability of switched linear systemsLiu, X.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. 
Dec-2009The role of protein kinase C in the synergistic interaction of safingol and irinotecan in colon cancer cellsLing, L.-U.; Lin, H.; Tan, K.-B.; Chiu, G.N.C. 
Mar-2011The role of reactive oxygen species and autophagy in safingol-induced cell deathLing, L.-U.; Tan, K.-B.; Lin, H.; Chiu, G.N.C.