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2-Apr-2011A high-resolution linkage map for comparative genome analysis and QTL fine mapping in Asian seabass, Lates calcariferWang, C.M.; Bai, Z.Y.; He, X.P.; Lin, G.; Xia, J.H.; Sun, F. ; Lo, L.C.; Feng, F.; Zhu, Z.Y.; Yue, G.H.
28-Jan-2013A microsatellite-based linkage map of salt tolerant tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus x Oreochromis spp.) and mapping of sex-determining lociLiu, F.; Sun, F. ; Li, J. ; Xia, J.H.; Lin, G.; Tu, R.J.; Yue, G.H.
2005An empirical investigation of the auction buyer's choice to buy out or bid: Cry of regret or laugh of satisfaction?Tan, C.-H. ; Yang, X.; Teo, H.-H. ; Lin, G.
2012Attributes influencing the determination of building adaptation potential for public housing in Singapore: Occupants' perspectivesLin, G.; Evelyn, A.-L.T. 
Jul-2011Building adaption model in assessing adaption potential of public housing in SingaporeTeo, E.A.L. ; Lin, G.
2011Characterization of human umbilical cord lining-derived epithelial cells and transplantation potentialZhou, Y.; Gan, S.U.; Lin, G.; Lim, Y.T.; Masilamani, J. ; Mustafa, F.B.; Phua, M.L.; Rivino, L.; Phan, T.T.; Lee, K.O.; Calne, R.; MacAry, P.A.
Jul-2011Determination of strategic adaptation actions for public housing in SingaporeTeo, E.A.L. ; Lin, G.
2009Differential signal transduction, membrane trafficking, and immune effector functions mediated by FcγRI versus FcγRIIaDai, X.; Jayapal, M.; Hwee, K.T.; Reghunathan, R. ; Lin, G.; Chien, T.T.; Yan, T.L.; Soh, H.C.; Kemeny, D.M.; Floto, R.A.; Smith, K.G.C.; Melendez, A.J.; MacAry, P.A.
Nov-2010Energy-related CO2 emissions from the manufacturing and transportation of cementTeo, E.A.L. ; Lin, G.; Lim, L.J.W.
2012Factors affecting adaptation potential for public housing in Singapore: Decision makers' perspectiveTeo, E.A.-L. ; Lin, G.
Apr-2012Genetic Variations in Populations from Farms and Natural Habitats of Asian Green Mussel, Perna viridis, in Singapore Inferred from Nine Microsatellite MarkersLin, G.; Lo, L.C. ; Yue, G.H.
2013Isolation and characterization of 17 polymorphic microsatellites in the brown mud mussel Glauconome rugosaSun, F. ; Zhang, Q.; Tan, J.; Lin, G.; Yue, G.H.
5-Dec-2012Molecular Parentage Analysis Is Essential in Breeding Asian SeabassLiu, P. ; Xia, J.H.; Lin, G.; Sun, F. ; Liu, F.; Lim, H.S.; Pang, H.Y.; Yue, G.H.
20-Dec-2012Tracing Asian Seabass Individuals to Single Fish Farms Using MicrosatellitesYue, G.H.; Xia, J.H.; Liu, P. ; Liu, F.; Sun, F. ; Lin, G.
Apr-2012Transient immune impairment after a simulated long-haul flightWilder-Smith, A.; Mustafa, F.B.; Peng, C.M.; Earnest, A.; Koh, D. ; Lin, G.; Hossain, I.; Macary, P.A.