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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201219% efficient inline-diffused large-area screen-printed Al-LBSF silicon wafer solar cellsBasu, P.K.; Shetty, K.D.; Vinodh, S.; Sarangi, D.; Palina, N.; Duttagupta, S.; Lin, F.; Du, Z.; Chen, J.; Hoex, B. ; Boreland, M.B.; Aberle, A.G. 
201060GHz unilateralized CMOS differential amplifierBi, X.; Guo, Y. ; Brinkhoff, J.; Leong, M.-S. ; Lin, F.
2010A 60 GHz heterodyne quadrature transmitter with a new simplified architecture in 90nm CMOSBrinkhoff, J.; Lin, F.; Kang, K.; Pham, D.-D.; Heng, C.-H. 
Nov-2011A 60-GHz 1-V supply band-tunable power amplifier in 65-nm CMOSBi, X.; Guo, Y. ; Brinkhoff, J.; Jia, L.; Wang, L.; Xiong, Y.Z.; Leong, M.S. ; Lin, F.
Sep-2010A 60-GHz OOK receiver with an On-chip antenna in 90 nm CMOSKang, K.; Lin, F.; Pham, D.-D.; Brinkhoff, J.; Heng, C.-H. ; Guo, Y.X. ; Yuan, X.
2006A CMOS carrier-less UWB transceiver for WPAN applicationsZheng, Y.; Tong, Y.; Ang, C.W.; Xu, Y.-P. ; Yeoh, W.G.; Lin, F.; Singh, R.
2005A Gigahertz Wideband CMOS multiplier for UWB TransceiverZhou, L.; Xu, Y.P. ; Lin, F.
2005A low power noncoherent CMOS UWB transceiver ICsZheng, Y.; Tong, Y.; Yan, J.; Xu, Y.-P. ; Yeoh, W.G.; Lin, F.
2009A power efficient 60 GHz 90nm CMOS OOK receiver with an on-chip antennaKang, K.; Dong, P.D.; Brinkhoff, J.; Heng, C.-H. ; Lin, F.; Yuan, X.
2010A signal-noise model for significance analysis of ChIP-seq with negative controlXu, H.; Handoko, L.; Wei, X.; Ye, C.; Sheng, J.; Wei, C.-L.; Lin, F.; Sung, W.-K. 
2008An HMM approach to genome-wide identification of differential histone modification sites from ChIP-seq dataXu, H.; Wei, C.-L.; Lin, F.; Sung, W.-K. 
2009An improved NL-L transmission line de-embedding technique for mm-wave applicationsLeong, S.C.; Lin, F.; Xu, Y.P. 
2-Jan-2002Characterization and modeling of avalanche multiplication in HBTsLin, F.; Chen, B. ; Zhou, T.; Ooi, B.L. ; Kooi, P.S. 
2010Design of X-band and Ka-band Colpitts oscillators using a parasitic cancellation techniqueChen, Y.; Mouthaan, K. ; Lin, F.
2009DREAM2 challenge: Integrated multi-array supervised learning algorithm for BCL6 transcriptional targets predictionLee, W.H.; Narang, V.; Xu, H.; Lin, F.; Chin, K.C.; Sung, W.K. 
25-Nov-2010Establishment of the first World Health Organization International Genetic Reference Panel for quantitation of BCR-ABL mRNAWhite, H.E.; Matejtschuk, P.; Rigsby, P.; Gabert, J.; Lin, F.; Wang, Y.L.; Branford, S.; Müller, M.C.; Beaufils, N.; Beillard, E. ; Colomer, D.; Dvorakova, D.; Ehrencrona, H.; Goh, H.-G.; El Housni, H.; Jones, D.; Kairisto, V.; Kamel-Reid, S.; Kim, D.-W.; Langabeer, S.; Ma, E.S.K.; Press, R.D.; Romeo, G.; Wang, L.; Zoi, K.; Hughes, T.; Saglio, G.; Hochhaus, A.; Goldman, J.M.; Metcalfe, P.; Cross, N.C.P.
2013Excellent surface passivation of silicon at low cost: Atomic layer deposited aluminium oxide from solar grade TMALin, F.; Nandakumar, N.; Dielissen, B.; Gortzen, R.; Hoex, B. 
2009Feedforward technique for offset cancellation in broadband differential amplifiersPham, D.-D.; Brinkhoff, J.; Kang, K.; Ang, C.-W.; Lin, F.; Heng, C.-H. 
Jun-2011Hypericin fluorescence imaging of oral cancer: From endoscopy to real-time 3-dimensional endomicroscopyThong, P.S.P.; Olivo, M.C. ; Movania, M.M.; Tandjung, S.S.; Seah, H.-S.; Lin, F.; Qian, K.; Soo, K.-C.
Dec-2010IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques: Guest editorialLi, J.L.-W. ; Li, E.-P.; Zhu, L.; Lin, F.