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Mar-2008A comparative synteny map of Burkholderia species links large-scale genome rearrangements to fine-scale nucleotide variation in prokaryotesLin, C.H.; Bourque, G.; Tan, P. 
1-May-2014A disrupted RNA editing balance mediated by ADARs (Adenosine DeAminases that act on RNA) in human hepatocellular carcinomaChan, T.H.M.; Lin, C.H.; Qi, L.; Fei, J.; Li, Y.; Yong, K.J.; Liu, M.; Song, Y.; Chow, R.K.K.; Ng, V.H.E.; Yuan, Y.-F.; Tenen, D.G. ; Guan, X.-Y.; Chen, L. 
2013Distant metastasis in triple-negative breast cancerTseng, L.M.; Hsu, N.C.; Chen, S.C.; Lu, Y.S.; Lin, C.H.; Chang, D.Y.; Li, H. ; Lin, Y.C.; Chang, H.K.; Chao, T.C.; Ouyang, F.; Hou, M.F.
18-Nov-2008Novel ATP13A2 variant associated with Parkinson disease in Taiwan and SingaporeLin, C.H.; Tan, E.K. ; Chen, M.L.; Tan, L.C.; Lim, H.Q.; Chen, G.S.; Wu, R.M.
Feb-2013Recoding RNA editing of AZIN1 predisposes to hepatocellular carcinomaChen, L. ; Li, Y.; Lin, C.H.; Chan, T.H.M.; Chow, R.K.K.; Song, Y.; Liu, M.; Yuan, Y.-F.; Fu, L.; Kong, K.L.; Qi, L. ; Li, Y.; Zhang, N.; Tong, A.H.Y.; Kwong, D.L.-W.; Man, K.; Lo, C.M.; Lok, S.; Tenen, D.G. ; Guan, X.-Y.
Aug-2011Zebrafish mRNA sequencing deciphers novelties in transcriptome dynamics during maternal to zygotic transitionAanes, H.; Winata, C.L.; Lin, C.H.; Chen, J.P.; Srinivasan, K.G.; Lee, S.G.P.; Lim, A.Y.M.; Hajan, H.S.; Collas, P.; Bourque, G.; Gong, Z. ; Korzh, V.; Aleström, P.; Mathavan, S.