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Nov-2004A cost comparison of management of chronic hepatitis B and its associated complications in Hong Kong and Singapore.Li, S.C. ; Ong, S.C.; Lim, S.G.; Yeoh, K.G.; Kwong, K.S.; Lee, V.; Lee, W.; Lau, J.; Wong, I.; Kung, N.; Leung, W.T.; Chan, H.L.; Chan, F.K.; Sung, J.J.; Lee, K.K.
2000Clinical Drug Trials: Practical Problems of Phase IIISaw, S.M. ; Lim, S.G.
2005Factors influencing stem cell differentiation into the hepatic lineage in vitroHeng, B.C. ; Yu, H.; Yin, Y.; Lim, S.G.; Cao, T. 
Aug-2004Genome-wide expression profiling of RNA interference of hepatitis B virus gene expression and replicationLi, Y.; Wasser, S. ; Lim, S.G.; Tan, T.M.C. 
Jan-2009How big is the financial burden of hepatitis B to society? A cost-of-illness study of hepatitis B infection in SingaporeOng, S.C.; Lim, S.G.; Li, S.C. 
Aug-2002Intracellular inhibition of hepatitis B virus S gene: Expression by chimeric DNA-RNA phosphorothioate minimized ribozymeTan, T.M.C. ; Zhou, L.; Houssais, S.; Seet, B.L.; Jaenicke, S. ; Peter, F. ; Lim, S.G.
23-Mar-2012Klotho-beta overexpression as a novel target for suppressing proliferation and fibroblast growth factor receptor-4 signaling in hepatocellular carcinomaPoh, W.; Wong, W.; Ong, H.; Aung, M.O.; Lim, S.G.; Chua, B.T.; Ho, H.K. 
21-Jul-2012Polo-like kinase 1, a new therapeutic target in hepatocellular carcinomaMok, W.C.; Wasser, S.; Tan, T. ; Lim, S.G.
2009Role of the miR-106b-25 microRNA cluster in hepatocellular carcinomaLi, Y. ; Tan, W. ; Neo, T.W.L.; Tan, T.M.C. ; Aung, M.O. ; Wasser, S. ; Lim, S.G.
Dec-2009Serum autoantibodies as biomarkers for early cancer detectionTan, H.T. ; Low, J.; Lim, S.G.; Chung, M.C.M.