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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2001Atomic hydrogen beam etching of carbon superstructures on 6H-SiC (0001) studied by reflection high-energy election diffrationXie, X.N. ; Lim, R.; Li, J.; Lin, S.F.Y.; Loh, K.P. 
2005Clinical and molecular characteristcs of hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer families in Southeast AsiaLee, S.-C.; Gou, J.-Y.; Lim, R.; Soo, R.; Goh, B.-C. ; Koay, E. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Leong, A. 
2013Coastal and marine habitat mapping for the straits of Malacca using spot and Landsat dataChen, P. ; Liew, S.C. ; Lim, R.; Kwoh, L.K. 
2009Debulking nephrectomy followed by a "watch and wait" approach in metastatic renal cell carcinomaWong, A.S.; Chuah, B.; Lim, R.; Chong, K.-T.; Heng, C.-T.; Toh, K.-L.; Tan, J.; Consigliere, D.T.; Esuvaranathan, K. 
Jun-2011Effects of CYP4F2 and GGCX genetic variants on maintenance warfarin dose in a multiethnic Asian populationChan, S.L.; Goh, B.C.; Chia, K.S. ; Chuah, B.; Wong, A.; Lim, R.; Lee, S.C.
15-Feb-2002Electronic and vibronic properties of Mg-doped GaN: The influence of etching and annealingTripathy, S. ; Chua, S.J. ; Ramam, A.; Sia, E.K.; Pan, J.S.; Lim, R.; Yu, G. ; Shen, Z.X. 
20-Sep-2012Epigenetic therapy using belinostat for patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma: A multicenter phase I/II study with biomarker and pharmacokinetic analysis of tumors from patients in the mayo phase II consortium and the cancer therapeutics research groupYeo, W.; Chung, H.C.; Chan, S.L.; Wang, L.Z. ; Lim, R.; Picus, J.; Boyer, M.; Mo, F.K.F.; Koh, J.; Rha, S.Y.; Hui, E.P.; Jeung, H.C.; Roh, J.K.; Yu, S.C.H.; To, K.F.; Tao, Q.; Ma, B.B.; Chan, A.W.H.; Tong, J.H.M.; Erlichman, C.; Chan, A.T.C.; Goh, B.C.
1-Sep-2002Explaining interindividual variability of docetaxel pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in Asians through phenotyping and genotyping strategiesGoh, B.-C.; Lee, S.-C. ; Wang, L.-Z. ; Fan, L.; Guo, J.-Y. ; Lamba, J.; Schuetz, E.; Lim, R.; Lim, H.-L.; Ong, A.-B.; Lee, H.-S.
22-Aug-2000Formation of two-dimensional supramolecular chiral lamellae by diamide molecules at the solution/graphite interface: a scanning tunneling microscopy studyLim, R.; Li, J.; Li, S.F.Y.; Feng, Z.; Valiyaveettil, S. 
30-Jan-2013Glucuronidation by UGT1A1 Is the Dominant Pathway of the Metabolic Disposition of Belinostat in Liver Cancer PatientsWang, L.-Z. ; Ramírez, J.; Yeo, W.; Chan, M.-Y.M.; Thuya, W.-L. ; Lau, J.-Y.A.; Wan, S.-C.; Wong, A.L.-A.; Zee, Y.-K.; Lim, R.; Lee, S.-C. ; Ho, P.C. ; Lee, H.-S.; Chan, A.; Ansher, S.; Ratain, M.J.; Goh, B.-C.
Nov-2011Impact of UDP-gluconoryltransferase 2B17 genotype on vorinostat metabolism and clinical outcomes in Asian women with breast cancerWong, N.-S.; Seah, E.Z.H.; Wang, L.-Z.; Yeo, W.-L. ; Yap, H.-L.; Chuah, B.; Lim, Y.-W.; Ang, P.C.S.; Tai, B.-C. ; Lim, R.; Goh, B.-C.; Lee, S.-C. 
2008Influence of UGT1A9 intronic I399C>T polymorphism on SN-38 glucuronidation in Asian cancer patientsSandanaraj, E.; Jada, S.R. ; Shu, X.; Zhou, Q.; Chowbay, B.; Lim, R.; Lee, S.C.; Goh, B.C. ; Zhou, S.
2007Invasive aspergillosis associated with bevacizumab, a vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitorWilliams, J.; Lim, R.; Tambyah, P. 
Nov-2007Invasive aspergillosis associated with bevacizumab, a vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitorWilliams, J.; Lim, R.; Tambyah, P. 
2007Irofulven as first line therapy in recurrent or metastatic gastric cancer: A phase II multicenter study by the Cancer Therapeutics Research Group (CTRG)Yeo, W.; Zee, B.; Ma, B.; Lam, K.C.; Mo, F.K.F.; Ng, E.K.W.; Ho, R.; Chan, A.T.C.; Yeo, W.; Boyer, M.; Clarke, S.; Beale, P.; Chung, H.C.; Roh, J.K.; Rha, S.Y.; Jeung, H.C.; Ong, S.Y.K.; Lim, R.; Soo, R.; Goh, B.C. 
Sep-2005Liver resection after irinotecan, 5-fluorouracil, and folinic acid for patients with unresectable colorectal liver metastases: A multicenter phase II study by the cancer therapeutic research groupHo, W.M.; Ma, B.; Mok, T.; Yeo, W.; Lai, P.; Lim, R.; Koh, J.; Wong, Y.Y.; King, A.; Leow, C.K. ; Chan, A.T.C.
2011Mapping coastal ecosystems of an offshore landfill island using worldview-2 high resolution satellite imageryChen, P. ; Liew, S.C. ; Lim, R.; Kwoh, L.K. 
2011Mapping coastal habitats of singapore using high resolution satellite imageryChen, P. ; Liew, S.C. ; Lim, R.; Kwoh, L.K. 
2007Multi-centre phase II trial of Thalidomide in the treatment of unresectable hepatocellular carcinomaChuah, B.; Lim, R.; Boyer, M.; Ong, A.-B.; Wong, S.-W.; Kong, H.-L. ; Millward, M.; Clarke, S.; Goh, B.-C.
Jul-2008Outcomes of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy after a radical gastrectomy and a D2 node dissection for gastric adenocarcinomaLeong, C.N.; Chung, H.T.; Lee, K.M.; Shakespeare, T.P.; Mukherjee, R.K.; Wong, L.C.; Lu, J.J.; Tey, J.; Lim, R.; So, J.B.Y. ; Back, M.F.