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1977Calcium and phosphorus metabolism in nephrotic syndromeLim, P.; Jacob, E.; Tock, E.P.C. ; Pwee, H.S.
1990Cardiovascular diseases in Chinese, Malays, and Indians in Singapore. II. Differences in risk factor levelsHughes, K. ; Yeo, P.P.B. ; Lun, K.C. ; Thai, A.C. ; Sothy, S.P.; Wang, K.W.; Cheah, J.S. ; Phoon, W.O.; Lim, P.
6-Sep-2013Direct stamping and capillary flow patterning of solution processable piezoelectric polyvinylidene fluoride filmsOng, W.; Ke, C.; Lim, P.; Kumar, A.; Zeng, K. ; Ho, G.W. 
2005Expression and characterization of soluble amino-terminal domain of NR2B subunit of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptorWong, E.; Yu, C.-Y.; Lim, P.; Lim, L.-H.; Low, C.-M. ; Ng, F.-M.; Lim, P.; Traynelis, S.F.
1985HLA and Chinese patients with juvenile onset diabetes mellitusYeo, P.P.B. ; Chan, S.H. ; Lui, K.F.; Wee, G.B.; Lun, K.C.; Cheah, J.S. ; Wong, H.B.; Lim, P.
1981HLA and Chinese patients with subacute (De Quervain's) thyroiditisYeo, P.P.B.; Chan, S.H.; Aw, T.C.; Lui, K.F.; Rauff, A.; Mathew, T.; Chang, C.H.; Doraisingham, S.; Lim, P.; Cheah, J.S. 
1978HLA and thyrotoxic periodic paralysisYeo, P.P.B.; Chan, S.H.; Lui, K.F.; Wee, G.B.; Lim, P.; Cheah, J.S. 
1981Hyperthyroidism with coexisting thyroid carcinoma: A study of 14 patientsYeo, P.P.B.; Wang, K.W.; Aw, T.C.; Tan, E.C.; Rauff, A.; Foong, W.C.; Joseph, V.T.; Sethi, V.K.; Cang, C.H.; Tan, B.C.; Cheah, J.S. ; Lim, P.
Mar-2008Multimodal approach to human-face detection and trackingVadakkepat, P. ; Lim, P.; De Silva, L.C.; Jing, L.; Ling, L.L.
1980Radioimmunoassay of prolactinGwee, H.M.; Chua, D.; Yeo, P.P.B.; Cheah, J.S. ; Lim, P.