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Oct-2003Abundance and projected control of invasive house crows in SingaporeBrook, B.W.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Soh, M.C.K. ; Lim, H.C.
31-Aug-2007Barcoding Indo-Malayan birdsSodhi, N.S. ; Astuti, D.; Diesmos, A.C.; Ericson, P.; Fernandopulle, N.; Kotagama, S.; Kudavidanege, E.; Lim, H.C.; Lee, B.; Lim, S.L.H.; Lin, Y.; Lohman, D.J. ; Meckvichai, W.; Miranda, H.; Moyle, R.G.; Ong, P.; Pan, K.A.; Prawiradilaga, D.; Rahman, M.A.; Rahmani, A.; Sheldon, F.H.; Stoeckle, M.Y.; Sulandari, S.; Wang, L.K. ; Winker, K.
2012Decadal changes in urban bird abundance in SingaporeChong, K.Y.; Teo, S. ; Kurukulasuriya, B. ; Chung, Y.F. ; Rajathurai, S.; Lim, H.C.; Tan, H.T.W. 
Jan-2011Do insectivorous bird communities decline on land-bridge forest islands in Peninsular Malaysia?Yong, D.L.; Qie, L.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Koh, L.P.; Peh, K.S.-H.; Lee, T.M.; Lim, H.C.; Lim, S.L.-H.
Jul-2010NCAM-mediated locomotor recovery from spinal cord contusion injury involves neuroprotection, axon regeneration, and synaptogenesisZhang, S.; Xia, Y.Y.; Lim, H.C.; Tang, F.R. ; Feng, Z.W.
30-Jul-2013Non-Motor and Motor Features in LRRK2 Transgenic MiceBichler, Z.; Lim, H.C.; Zeng, L. ; Tan, E.K. 
Jun-2009Phylogeography of the magpie-robin species complex (Aves: Turdidae: Copsychus) reveals a Philippine species, an interesting isolating barrier and unusual dispersal patterns in the Indian Ocean and Southeast AsiaSheldon, F.H.; Lohman, D.J. ; Lim, H.C.; Zou, F.; Goodman, S.M.; Prawiradilaga, D.M.; Winker, K.; Braile, T.M.; Moyle, R.G.
15-Feb-2004Responses of avian guilds to urbanisation in a tropical cityLim, H.C.; Sodhi, N.S. 
23-Sep-2013Ribosomal S6 Kinase 2 (RSK2) Maintains Genomic Stability by Activating the Atm/p53-Dependent DNA Damage PathwayLim, H.C.; Xie, L.; Zhang, W.; Li, R.; Chen, Z.-C.; Wu, G.-Z.; Cui, S.-S.; Tan, E.K.; Zeng, L. 
Aug-2009Space use and habitat selection of house crows in a tropical urban environment: A Radio-tracking studyLim, H.C.; Sodhi, N.S. 
Jun-1997The development of a highly selective KI/I2/H2O/H2SO4 etchant for the selective etching of Al0.3Ga0.7As over GaAsLau, W.S. ; Chor, E.F. ; Kek, S.P.; Abdul Aziz, W.H.B.; Lim, H.C.; Heng, C.H. ; Zhao, R.
Aug-2010The effect of platelet rich plasma on osteogenesis in a long bone segmental defect : Is the platelet rich plasma effective for bone reconstruction?Song, H.R.; Bae, J.H.; Park, J.H.; Choi, M.C.; Teoh, S.H. ; Kim, H.J.; Lim, H.C.; Kum, D.H.
Nov-2003Undesirable aliens: Factors determining the distribution of three invasive bird species in SingaporeLim, H.C.; Sodhi, N.S. ; Brook, B.W.; Soh, M.C.K. 
Sep-1998Why Do Patients Complain? A Primary Health Care StudyLim, H.C.; Tan, C.B.; Goh, L.G. ; Ling, S.L.
1998Why Do Patients Complain? A Primary Health Care StudyLim, H.C.; Tan, C.B.; Ling, S.L.; Goh, L.G.