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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010A comparative study of histogram-based thresholding methods for the determination of cell-free layer width in small blood vesselsNamgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Wong, Y.H.; Lim, D.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, S. 
9-Aug-2012Alteration patterns of trabecular bone microarchitectural characteristics induced by osteoarthritis over timeLee, J.H.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, S.H. ; Han, P.; Jun, Y.; Lim, D.
Mar-2011An automated method for cell-free layer width determination in small arteriolesOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Woo, Y.I. ; Sakai, H.; Lim, D.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, S. 
Oct-2010Aurora-A expression, hormone receptor status and clinical outcome in hormone related cancersDas, K. ; Lorena, P.D.N.; Kuan Ng, L.; Shen, L.; Lim, D.; Yun Siow, W.; Narasimhan, K.; Teh, M.; Choolani, M.; Putti, T.C.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
2012Changes in microarchitectural characteristics at the tibial epiphysis induced by collagen-induced rheumatoid arthritis over timeLee, J.H.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, S.H. ; Lee, K.-Y.; Kim, D.J.; Lim, D.
Jun-2009Determination of rheological properties of whole blood with a scanning capillary-tube rheometer using constitutive modelsKim, S. ; Namgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Cho, Y.I.; Chun, K.J.; Lim, D.
Sep-2010Differential expression of steroid 5α-reductase isozymes and association with disease severity and angiogenic genes predict their biological role in prostate cancerDas, K. ; Lorena, P.D.N.; Ng, L.K.; Lim, D.; Shen, L.; Siow, W.Y.; Teh, M.; Reichardt, J.K.V.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
Jun-2009Effect of dextran on rheological properties of rat bloodKim, S. ; Yang, S.; Lim, D.
1-Jun-2011Genomic profiles specific to patient ethnicity in lung adenocarcinomaBroët, P.; Dalmasso, C.; Tan, E.H. ; Alifano, M.; Zhang, S.; Wu, J.; Lee, M.H.; Régnard, J.-F.; Lim, D.; Koong, H.N.; Agasthian, T.; Miller, L.D.; Lim, E.; Camilleri-Broët, S.; Tan, P. 
2013Hepatic adenoma mimicking a metastatic lesion on computed tomography-positron emission tomography scanLim, D.; Lee, S.Y. ; Lim, K.H. ; Chan, C.Y. 
May-2009Novel approach of predicting fracture load in the human proximal femur using non-invasive qct imaging techniqueLee, T. ; Pereira, B.P.; Chung, Y.-S.; Oh, H.J.; Choi, J.B.; Lim, D.; Shin, J.H.
2009Oncogenic pathway combinations predict clinical prognosis in gastric cancerOoi, C.H. ; Tan, P. ; Ivanova, T.; Wu, J.; Lee, M.; Tao, J.; Koo, J.H.; Gopalakrishnan, V.; Zhu, Y.; Lee, J.; Ganesan, K.; Tan, I.B.; Tao, J.; Ward, L.; Grabsch, H.; Cheng, L.L.; Rha, S.Y.; Chung, H.C.; So, J. ; Soo, K.C.; Lim, D.; Chan, W.H.; Wong, W.K.; Bowtell, D.; Boussioutas, A.; Yeoh, K.G. 
Nov-2011Phase I and pharmacodynamic study of an orally administered novel inhibitor of histone deacetylases, SB939, in patients with refractory solid malignanciesYong, W.P. ; Goh, B.C.; Soo, R.A. ; Toh, H.C.; Ethirajulu, K.; Wood, J.; Novotny-Diermayr, V.; Lee, S.C. ; Yeo, W.L. ; Chan, D.; Lim, D.; Seah, E.; Lim, R.; Zhu, J.
1-Aug-2003Purification, crystallization and X-ray analysis of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virusLee, K.-C.; Lim, D.; Wong, S.-M. ; Dokland, T.
2006Rapid diagnosis of Penicillium marneffei infection by fine needle aspiration cytologyLim, D.; Chang, A.R. ; Lee, Y.-S. 
2009Silencing the Metallothionein-2A gene inhibits cell cycle progression from G1- to S-phase involving ATM and cdc25A signaling in breast cancer cellsLim, D.; Jocelyn, K.M.-X.; Yip, G.W.-C. ; Bay, B.-H. 
Mar-2012Study of time-dependent characteristics of a syllectogram in the presence of aggregation inhibitionOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Kim, S. ; Chun, K.J.; Chu, J.-U.; Lim, D.
8-Aug-2005Surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy vs concurrent chemoradiotherapy in stage III/IV nonmetastatic squamous cell head and neck cancer: A randomised comparisonSoo, K.-C.; Tan, E.-H.; Wee, J.; Lim, D.; Tai, B.-C. ; Khoo, M.-L.; Goh, C.; Leong, S.-S.; Tan, T.; Fong, K.-W.; Lu, P.; See, A.; Machin, D.
Aug-1998The human DENN gene: Genomic organization, alternative splicing, and localization to chromosome 11p11.21-p11.22Chow, V.T.K. ; Lim, K.M.; Lim, D.
1998The human DENN gene: Genomic organization, alternative splicing, and localization to chromosome 11p11.21-p11.22Chow, V.T.K. ; Lim, K.M.; Lim, D.