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5-Dec-2002Cool copper template for the formation of oriented nanocrystalline α-tantalumYong, C.; Zhang, B.C.; Seet, C.S.; See, A.; Chan, L.; Sudijono, J.; Liew, S.L.; Tung, C.-H.; Zeng, H.C. 
2004Crystallographic orientation of Ta/TaN bilayer and its effect on seed and bulk Cu 〈111〉 formationHo, C.S.; Liew, S.L.; See, A.; Lim, C.Y.H. 
10-May-2006Growth of high quality Er-Ge films on Ge(001) substrates by suppressing oxygen contamination during germanidation annealingLiew, S.L.; Balakrisnan, B.; Chow, S.Y.; Lai, M.Y.; Wang, W.D.; Lee, K.Y.; Ho, C.S.; Osipowicz, T. ; Chi, D.Z.
2006Material and electrical characterization of Ni- And Pt-germanides for p-channel germanium Schottky source/drain transistorsYao, H.B.; Tan, C.C.; Liew, S.L.; Chua, C.T.; Chua, C.K.; Li, R.; Lee, R.T.P. ; Lee, S.J. ; Chi, D.Z.
2007Phase and texture of Er-germanide formed on Ge(001) through a solid-state reactionLiew, S.L.; Balakrisnan, B.; Ho, C.S.; Thomas, O. ; Chi, D.Z.
Jun-2011Probing the growth of β-FeSi2 nanoparticles for photovoltaic applications: A combined imaging and spectroscopy study using transmission electron microscopyAndrew, W.; Ho, G.W. ; Liew, S.L.; Chua, K.C.; Chi, D.Z.
2008Quantitative studies of copper diffusion through Ultra-thin ALD tantalum nitride barrier films by high resolution-RBSHo, C.S.; Liew, S.L.; Chan, T.K. ; Malar, P. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Lu, L. ; Lim, C.Y.H. 
2007Schottky barrier height in germanide/Ge contacts and its engineering through germanidation induced dopant segregationChi, D.Z.; Yao, H.B.; Liew, S.L.; Tan, C.C.; Chua, C.T.; Chua, K.C.; Li, R.; Lee, S.J. 
Dec-2003Via resistance reduction using "cool" PVD-Ta processingSeet, C.S.; Zhang, B.C.; Yong, C.; Liew, S.L.; Li, K.; Hsia, L.C.; Seng, H.L. ; Osiposwicz, T. ; Sudijono, J.; Zeng, H.C. ; Tan, J.B.