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Aug-2010Alternative splicing modulates diltiazem sensitivity of cardiac and vascular smooth muscle Ca v1.2 calcium channelsZhang, H.Y.; Liao, P.; Wang, J.J.; Yu, D.J.; Soong, T.W. 
2010Alternative splicing modulates diltiazem sensitivity of cardiac and vascular smooth muscle Cav1.2 calcium channelsZhang, H.Y. ; Yu, D.J.; Soong, T.W. ; Liao, P.; Wang, J.J.
18-Oct-2006Alternative splicing of the Ca V1.3 channel IQ domain, a molecular switch for Ca 2+-dependent inactivation within auditory hair cellsShen, Y.; Yu, D.; Hiel, H.; Liao, P.; Yue, D.T.; Fuchs, P.A.; Tuck, W.S. 
2013Calfacilitin is a calcium channel modulator essential for initiation of neural plate developmentPapanayotou, C.; De Almeida, I.; Liao, P.; Oliveira, N.M.M.; Lu, S.-Q.; Kougioumtzidou, E.; Zhu, L.; Shaw, A.; Sheng, G.; Streit, A.; Yu, D.; Wah Soong, T. ; Stern, C.D.
2009CaV1.2 channelopathies: from arrhythmias to autism, bipolar disorder, and immunodeficiencyLiao, P.; Soong, T.W. 
2004Smooth muscle-selective alternatively spliced exon generates functional variation in Cav1.2 calcium channelsLiao, P.; Yu, D.; Lu, S.; Mui, C.L.; Tuck, W.S. ; Tang, Z.; Zeng, S.; Lin, W.
11-Nov-2011Splice variant specific modulation of CaV1.2 calcium channel by galectin-1 regulates arterial constrictionWang, J.; Thio, S.S.C.; Yang, S.S.H.; Yu, D.; Yu, C.Y.; Wong, Y.P.; Liao, P.; Li, S.; Soong, T.W. 
1-Nov-2005Splicing for alternative structures of Cav1.2 Ca2+ channels in cardiac and smooth musclesLiao, P.; Tan, F.Y.; Mui, C.L.; Yue, D.T.; Tuck, W.S. 
Mar-2014TRPM4 inhibition promotes angiogenesis after ischemic strokeLoh, K.P.; Ng, G.; Yu, C.Y.; Fhu, C.K.; Yu, D.; Vennekens, R.; Nilius, B.; Soong, T.W. ; Liao, P.
May-2010Understanding alternative splicing of Cav 1.2 calcium channels for a new approach towards individualized medicineLiao, P.; Soong, T.W.