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Apr-1999A class of neuroD-related basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors expressed in developing central nervous system in zebrafishLiao, J.; He, J. ; Yan, T.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
2003A model for hardware realization of kernel loopsLiao, J.; Wong, W.-F. ; Mitra, T. 
1997An abundant zebrafish cDNA clone encodes a ras-like protein which is expressed ubiquitouslyLiao, J.; He, J. ; Gong, Z. 
1-Nov-1997An alternative linker-mediated polymerase chain reaction method using a dideoxynucleotide to reduce amplification backgroundLiao, J.; Chan, C.H.; Gong, Z. 
2014Assessment of iris surface features and their relationship with iris thickness in Asian eyesSidhartha, E.; Gupta, P.; Liao, J.; Tham, Y.-C.; Cheung, C.Y.; He, M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Aung, T.; Cheng, C.-Y. 
May-2013Branch retinal vein occlusion and optic nerve head topographic parameters: The Singapore Indian eye studyChan, E.W.; Wong, T.Y. ; Liao, J.; Cheung, C.Y.-I.; Zheng, Y.F.; Wang, J.J.; Mitchell, P.; Loon, S.C.; Saw, S.-M. ; Aung, T.; Cheng, C.-Y. 
2013Determinants of macular thickness using spectral domain optical coherence tomography in healthy eyes: The singapore chinese eye studyGupta, P.; Sidhartha, E.; Tham, Y.C.; Chua, D.K.P.; Liao, J.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Aung, T.; Wong, T.Y. ; Cheung, C.Y. 
Sep-1998Expression of zebrafish bHLH genes ngn1 and nrd defines distinct stages of neural differentiationKorzh, V. ; Sleptsova, I. ; Liao, J.; He, J. ; Gong, Z. 
1999Faithful expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP) in transgenic zebrafish embryos under control of zebrafish gene promotersJu, B. ; Xu, Y.; He, J. ; Liao, J.; Yan, T.; Hew, C.L. ; Lam, T.J. ; Gong, Z. 
2013Familial correlation of retinal vascular caliber in Singapore ChineseLi, L.-J.; Liao, J.; Fan, Q.; Cheung, Y.C.-L. ; Kamran Ikram, M.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. ; Wong, T.-Y. 
Jan-1999Fast skeletal muscle-specific expression of a zebrafish myosin light chain 2 gene and characterization of its promoter by direct injection into skeletal muscleXu, Y.; He, J. ; Tian, H.L.; Chan, C.H.; Liao, J.; Yan, T.; Lam, T.J. ; Gong, Z. 
Mar-2013Genome-wide meta-analyses of multiancestry cohorts identify multiple new susceptibility loci for refractive error and myopiaVerhoeven, V.J.M.; Hysi, P.G.; Wojciechowski, R.; Fan, Q.; Guggenheim, J.A.; Höhn, R.; Macgregor, S.; Hewitt, A.W.; Nag, A.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Yonova-Doing, E.; Zhou, X. ; Ikram, M.K.; Buitendijk, G.H.S.; Mcmahon, G.; Kemp, J.P.; Pourcain, B.S.; Simpson, C.L.; Mäkelä, K.-M.; Lehtimäki, T.; Kähönen, M.; Paterson, A.D.; Hosseini, S.M.; Wong, H.S.; Xu, L.; Jonas, J.B.; Pärssinen, O.; Wedenoja, J.; Yip, S.P.; Ho, D.W.H.; Pang, C.P.; Chen, L.J.; Burdon, K.P.; Craig, J.E.; Klein, B.E.K.; Klein, R.; Haller, T.; Metspalu, A.; Khor, C.-C. ; Tai, E.-S.; Aung, T.; Vithana, E.; Tay, W.-T.; Barathi, V.A.; Chen, P.; Li, R.; Liao, J.; Zheng, Y.; Ong, R.T. ; Döring, A.; Evans, D.M.; Timpson, N.J.; Verkerk, A.J.M.H.; Meitinger, T.; Raitakari, O.; Hawthorne, F.; Spector, T.D.; Karssen, L.C.; Pirastu, M.; Murgia, F.; Ang, W.; Mishra, A.; Montgomery, G.W.; Pennell, C.E.; Cumberland, P.M.; Cotlarciuc, I.; Mitchell, P.; Wang, J.J.; Schache, M.; Janmahasathian, S.; Igo Jr., R.P.; Lass, J.H.; Chew, E.; Iyengar, S.K.; Gorgels, T.G.M.F.; Rudan, I.; Hayward, C.; Wright, A.F.; Polasek, O.; Vatavuk, Z.; Wilson, J.F.; Fleck, B.; Zeller, T.; Mirshahi, A.; Müller, C.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Rivadeneira, F.; Vingerling, J.R.; Hofman, A.; Oostra, B.A.; Amin, N.; Bergen, A.A.B.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Rahi, J.S.; Vitart, V.; Williams, C.; Baird, P.N.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Oexle, K.; Pfeiffer, N.; Mackey, D.A.; Young, T.L.; Van Duijn, C.M.; Saw, S.-M. ; Bailey-Wilson, J.E.; Stambolian, D.; Klaver, C.C.; Hammond, C.J.
24-Jan-2014Impact of measurement error on testing genetic association with quantitative traitsLiao, J.; Li, X.; Wong, T.-Y.; Wang, J.J.; Khor, C.C.; Tai, S.; Aung, T.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Cheng, C.-Y. 
1996Implications of intermediate filament protein phosphorylationKu, N.-O.; Liao, J.; Chou, C.-F. ; Omary, M.B.
2014Improved dominant selection markers and co-culturing conditions for efficient Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of Ustilago scitamineaSun, L.; Yan, M.; Ding, Z.; Liu, Y.; Du, M.; Xi, P.; Liao, J.; Ji, L. ; Jiang, Z.
8-Aug-2013Nine loci for ocular axial length identified through genome-wide association studies, including shared loci with refractive errorCheng, C.-Y. ; Schache, M.; Ikram, M.K.; Young, T.L. ; Guggenheim, J.A.; Vitart, V.; MacGregor, S.; Verhoeven, V.J.M.; Barathi, V.A.; Liao, J.; Hysi, P.G.; Bailey-Wilson, J.E.; St. Pourcain, B.; Kemp, J.P.; McMahon, G.; Timpson, N.J.; Evans, D.M.; Montgomery, G.W.; Mishra, A.; Wang, Y.X.; Wang, J.J.; Rochtchina, E.; Polasek, O.; Wright, A.F.; Amin, N.; Van Leeuwen, E.M.; Wilson, J.F.; Pennell, C.E.; Van Duijn, C.M.; De Jong, P.T.V.M.; Vingerling, J.R.; Zhou, X. ; Chen, P.; Li, R.; Tay, W.-T.; Zheng, Y.; Chew, M.; Burdon, K.P.; Craig, J.E.; Iyengar, S.K.; Igo Jr., R.P.; Lass Jr., J.H.; Chew, E.Y.; Haller, T.; Mihailov, E.; Metspalu, A.; Wedenoja, J.; Simpson, C.L.; Wojciechowski, R.; Höhn, R.; Mirshahi, A.; Zeller, T.; Pfeiffer, N.; Lackner, K.J.; Bettecken, T.; Meitinger, T.; Oexle, K.; Pirastu, M.; Portas, L.; Nag, A.; Williams, K.M.; Yonova-Doing, E.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E.; Hosseini, S.M.; Paterson, A.D.; Makela, K.-M.; Lehtimaki, T.; Kahonen, M.; Raitakari, O.; Yoshimura, N.; Matsuda, F.; Chen, L.J.; Pang, C.P.; Yip, S.P.; Yap, M.K.H.; Meguro, A.; Mizuki, N.; Inoko, H.; Foster, P.J.; Zhao, J.H.; Vithana, E.; Tai, E.-S.; Fan, Q.; Xu, L.; Campbell, H.; Fleck, B.; Rudan, I.; Aung, T.; Hofman, A.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Bencic, G.; Khor, C.-C. ; Forward, H.; Pärssinen, O.; Mitchell, P.; Rivadeneira, F.; Hewitt, A.W.; Williams, C.; Oostra, B.A.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Hammond, C.J.; Stambolian, D.; MacKey, D.A.; Klaver, C.C.W.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Saw, S.-M. ; Baird, P.N.
Jan-2014Pretreatment anterior segment imaging during acute primary angle closure: Insights into angle closure mechanisms in the acute phaseSng, C.C.A.; Aquino, M.C.D.; Liao, J.; Ang, M.; Zheng, C.; Loon, S.C.; Chew, P.T.K. 
12-Nov-1997Rapid identification and isolation of zebrafish cDNA clonesGong, Z. ; Yan, T.; Liao, J.; Lee, S.E.; He, J. ; Hew, C.L.
Sep-1997Sequencing of 3' cDNA clones using anchored oligo(dT) primersLiao, J.; Gong, Z.