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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011A cell-instructive hydrogel to regulate malignancy of 3D tumor spheroids with matrix rigidityLiang, Y.; Jeong, J.; DeVolder, R.J.; Cha, C.; Wang, F.; Tong, Y.W. ; Kong, H.
2010A new design rationale representation model for rationale miningLiu, Y. ; Liang, Y.; Kwong, C.K.; Lee, W.B.
Dec-2013An analytical approach for fast and accurate design space exploration of instruction cachesLiang, Y.; Mitra, T. 
Oct-2001An equivalent genetic algorithm based on extended strings and its convergence analysisLiang, Y.; Zhou, C.; Wang, Z.; Pueh Lee, H.; Piang Lim, S. 
Jun-2004An extended Lagrangian support vector machine for classificationsYang, X. ; Shu, L.; Hao, Z.; Liang, Y.; Liu, G. ; Han, X. 
2005Association between breastfeeding and likelihood of myopia in childrenChong, Y.-S. ; Liang, Y.; Tan, D.; Gazzard, G.; Stone, R.A.; Saw, S.-M. 
2009Association of C-reactive protein and metabolic syndrome in a rural Chinese populationWen, J.; Guo, Y.; Liu, X.; Liang, Y.; Wang, F.; Duan, X.; Wang, N.; Sun, L.; Tao, Q.; Wong, T.Y. 
Dec-2012Associations between metabolic syndrome and syndrome components and retinal microvascular signs in a rural Chinese population: The Handan Eye StudyZhao, Y.; Yang, K.; Wang, F.; Liang, Y.; Peng, Y.; Shen, R.; Wong, T. ; Wang, N.
Dec-2003Biopolymer volume change and water clustering function of primed Vigna radiata seedsSun, W.Q. ; Liang, Y.; Huang, S.; Fu, J.
2010C-reactive protein, gamma-glutamyltransferase and type 2 diabetes in a Chinese populationWen, J.; Guo, Y.; Liu, X.; Liang, Y.; Wang, F.; Duan, X.; Wang, N.; Sun, L.; Wong, T.Y. 
Mar-2003Computation speedup in the dynamic simulation of MEMS by macromodelsLin, W.; Liang, Y.; Lee, K.H. ; Lim, S.P. ; Lee, H.P.
Apr-2012Crystal optimization and preliminary diffraction data analysis of the SCAN domain of Zfp206Liang, Y.; Choo, S.H.; Rossbach, M.; Baburajendran, N.; Palasingam, P.; Kolatkar, P.R. 
Mar-2006Defining myopia using refractive error and uncorrected logMAR visual acuity >0.3 from 1334 Singapore school children ages 7-9 yearsLuo, H.-D.; Gazzard, G.; Liang, Y.; Shankar, A.; Tan, D.Th.; Saw, S.-M. 
2000Desiccation tolerance of recalcitrant Theobroma cacao embryonic axes: The optimal drying rate and its physiological basisLiang, Y.; Sun, W.Q. 
Sep-2010Design project on controlled-release drug delivery devices: Implementation, management, and learning experiencesQingxing, X.; Liang, Y.; Wah Tong, Y.E.N. ; Wang, C.-H. 
Oct-2009Design, fabrication, and testing of three-dimensional miniaturized rectangular cavity resonator based on metamaterialMeng, F.-Y.; Wu, Q.; Liang, Y.; Zhang, K.; Li, L.-W. 
2010Efficient custom instructions generation for system-level designHuynh, H.P.; Liang, Y.; Mitra, T. 
2011Exploiting neighborhood and multidimension granular information for supporting design rationale retrievalLiang, Y.; Liu, Y. ; Lee, W.B.; Kwong, C.K.
2013Exploring online reviews for user experience modelingLiang, Y.; Liu, Y. ; Loh, H.T. 
Jan-2011Focusing of tandem bistatic-configuration data with range migration algorithmWu, Q.; Liang, Y.; Xing, M.; Qiu, C. ; Bao, Z.; Yeo, T.-S.