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2013A comparison of the thresholding strategies of micro-CT for periodontal bone loss: A pilot studyChang, P.-C. ; Liang, K.; Lim, J.C.; Chung, M-C.; Chien, L-Y.
1-Jul-2006A splitting moving mesh method for reaction-diffusion equations of quenching typeLiang, K.; Lin, P. ; Ong, M.T.; Tan, R.C.E. 
2013Controlling the proliferation and differentiation stages to initiate periodontal regenerationChong, L.Y.; Chien, L.-Y.; Chung, M.-C.; Liang, K.; Lim, J.C.-S.; Fu, J.H.; Wang, C.-H.; Chang, P.-C. 
2009Cross-tree adjustment for spatialized audio streaming over networked virtual environmentsLiang, K.; Zimmermann, R. 
2013IDM: An indirect dissemination mechanism for spatial voice interaction in networked virtual environmentsLiang, K.; Seo, B. ; Kryczka, A.; Zimmermann, R. 
2011Maximizing system reachability for P2P-based interactive spatial audio applications in networked virtual environmentsLiang, K.; Zimmermann, R. 
2012Patterns of diabetic periodontal wound repair: A study using micro-computed tomography and immunohistochemistryChang, P.-C. ; Chung, M.-C.; Wang, Y.-P.; Chien, L.-Y.; Lim, J.C.; Liang, K.; Chong, L.Y.; Kuo, Y.-P.; Chen, C.-H.; Chiang, H.-C.
2011Peer-assisted texture streaming in metaversesLiang, K.; Zimmermann, R. ; Ooi, W.T. 
2008Spatialized audio streaming for networked virtual environmentsZimmermann, R. ; Liang, K.