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2015An extended polyanion activation surface in insulin degrading enzymeSong E.S.; Ozbil M.; Zhang T.; Sheetz M. ; Lee D.; Tran D.; Li S.; Prabhakar R.; Hersh L.B.; Rodgers D.W.
2015Atrophic patterns of the frontal-subcortical circuits in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseZhao H.; Li X.; Wu W. ; Li Z.; Qian L.; Li S.; Zhang B.; Xu Y.
2018Discovery of the consistently well-performed analysis chain for swath-ms based pharmacoproteomic quantificationFu J.; Tang J.; Wang Y.; Cui X.; Yang Q.; Hong J.; Li X.; Li S.; Chen Y. ; Xue W.; Zhu F.
2014Evidence of gene-environment interaction for two genes on chromosome 4 and environmental tobacco smoke in controlling the risk of nonsyndromic cleft palateWu T.; Schwender H.; Ruczinski I.; Murray J.C.; Marazita M.L.; Munger R.G.; Hetmanski J.B.; Parker M.M.; Wang P.; Murray T.; Taub M.; Li S.; Redett R.J.; Fallin M.D.; Liang K.Y.; Wu-Chou Y.H.; Chong S.S. ; Yeow V.; Ye X.; Wang H.; Huang S.; Jabs E.W.; Shi B.; Wilcox A.J.; Jee S.H.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
2009Identification and comparative analysis of the protocadherin cluster in a reptile, the green anole lizardJiang X.-J.; Li S.; Ravi V.; Venkatesh B. ; Yu W.-P.
2010Peripheral blood T Regulatory cell counts may not predict transplant rejectionHuang Y.; Shan J.; Zhang C.; Zhang J. ; Feng L.; Li S.; Li Y.
2009Prioritized flow optimization with generalized routing for scalable multirate multicastingJunni Z.; Hongkai X.; Li S.; Zhihai H.; Tsuhan C. 
2015Proteomic analysis of seedling roots of two maize inbred lines that differ significantly in the salt stress responseCui D.; Wu D.; Liu J. ; Li D.; Xu C.; Li S.; Li P.; Zhang H.; Liu X.; Jiang C.; Wang L.; Chen T.; Chen H.; Zhao L.
2016SVM-prot 2016: A web-server for machine learning prediction of protein functional families from sequence irrespective of similarityLi Y.H.; Xu J.Y.; Tao L.; Li X.F.; Li S.; Zeng X.; Chen S.Y.; Zhang P.; Qin C.; Zhang C.; Chen Z.; Zhu F.; Chen Y.Z.