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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2013A computationally efficient state-space partitioning approach to pricing high-dimensional American options via dimension reductionJin, X.; Li, X.; Tan, H.H. ; Wu, Z.
2010A concurrent dual-band doherty power amplifierLi, X.; Chen, W.; Zhang, Z.; Feng, Z.; Tang, X. ; Mouthaan, K. 
15-Apr-2013A fast collapsed data method for estimating haplotype frequencies from pooled genotype data with applications to the study of rare variantsKuk, A.Y.C. ; Li, X.; Xu, J. 
2015A fine-grained image categorization system by cellet-encoded spatial pyramid modelingZhang, Luming ; Gao, Y.; Xia, Y.; Dai, Q.; Li, X.
2009A general formulation of optimal testing-time allocation for modular systemsLi, X.; Xie, M. ; Ng, S.H. 
2011A general study of soft-switching ranges of dual-bridge resonant converters using a modified complex AC analysis approachLi, X.; Rathore, A. 
Jun-2010A generic data-driven software reliability model with model mining techniqueYang, B.; Li, X.; Xie, M. ; Tan, F.
2006A mechanistic study on reduced toxicity of irinotecan by coadministered thalidomide, a tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitorYang, X.-X.; Hu, Z.-P.; Chan, E.; Zhou, S.-F. ; Sheu, F.-S. ; Duan, W. ; Zhu, Y.-Z.; Bian, J.-S. ; Xu, A.-L.; Huang, M.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, J.-C.; Li, X.
2006A mechanistic study on reduced toxicity of irinotecan by coadministered thalidomide, a tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitorYang, X.-X.; Hu, Z.-P.; Xu, A.-L.; Duan, W.; Zhu, Y.-Z.; Huang, M.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Zhang, Q.; Bian, J.-S.; Chan, E. ; Li, X.; Wang, J.-C.; Zhou, S.-F. 
2007A multi-agent method for streaming quality monitoring and analysis over media gridLi, X.; Jie, W.; Fu, X.; Chan, H.-M.; Ho, Q.-T.; Hung, T.; Ong, D.; Turner, S.J.; Veeravalli, B. 
2011A multi-modal hidden Markov model based approach for continuous health assessment in machinery systemsGeramifard, O.; Xu, J.-X. ; Sicong, T.; Zhou, J.-H.; Li, X.
Jan-2003A new digital approach to design 3-D CAP waveformsTang, X. ; Thng, I.L.-J. ; Li, X.
2004A novel biodegradable amphiphilic triblock copolymer consisting of poly[(R)-β-hydroxybutyrate] and poly(ethylene oxide) and Its self-association propertyLi, J. ; Ni, X.; Li, X.; Wang, X.; Zhou, Z.; Leong, K.W.
15-Apr-2004A Novel Route toward the Synthesis of High-Quality Large-Pore Periodic Mesoporous OrganosilicasBao, X.Y. ; Zhao, X.S. ; Li, X.; Chia, P.A. ; Li, J.
2005A novel stream partitioning strategy for real-time video delivery in distributed multimedia systemsLi, X.; Veeravalli, B. 
Apr-2008A novel time-controlled release system based on drug-resin complexes and elementary osmotic pumpWang, C.; Chen, F.; Heng, P.W.S. ; Li, J.-Z.; Li, X.; Ye, G.-H.; Nie, S.-F.; Pan, W.-S.
2012A physically segmented hidden markov model approach for continuous tool condition monitoring: Diagnostics and prognosticsGeramifard, O.; Xu, J.-X. ; Zhou, J.-H.; Li, X.
2009A probabilistic graph-theoretic approach to integrate multiple predictions for the protein-protein subnetwork prediction challengeChua, H.N.; Hugo, W. ; Liu, G. ; Li, X.; Wong, L. ; Ng, S.-K.
2004A relational model for object-oriented designsJifeng, H.; Liu, Z.; Li, X.; Qin, S. 
Jan-2006A report of the first national red list of Chinese endangered bryophytesCao, T.; Zhu, R.; Tan, B.C. ; Guo, S.; Gao, C.; Wu, P.; Li, X.