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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2005A glucose biosensor based on electrodeposition of palladium nanoparticles and glucose oxidase onto Nafion-solubilized carbon nanotube electrodeLim, S.H.; Wei, J. ; Lin, J. ; Li, Q.; KuaYou, J.
1996A multirate sampling structure for adaptive robot control using a neurocompensatorLi, Q.; Poo, A.N. ; Teo, C.L. 
20-Dec-2005A Newton-Multigrid method for numerical simulation of slider air bearingDu, H.; Li, Q.; Jor, H.O.; Shu, C. 
Dec-2007Abnormal grain growth of WC with small amount of cobaltLi, T.; Li, Q.; Lu, L. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Yu, P.C.
Jul-2003Amorphous (CeO2)0.67(Al2O3)0.33 high-k gate dielectric thin films on siliconYan, L. ; Kong, L.B. ; Li, Q.; Ong, C.K. 
8-Jun-2009An aqueous route to multicolor photoluminescent carbon dots using silica spheres as carriersLiu, R.; Wu, D.; Liu, S. ; Koynov, K.; Knoll, W.; Li, Q.
1998An enhanced computed-torque control algorithm for robot manipulatorsLi, Q.; Tso, S.K.; Poo, A.N. 
Jul-2010Annals journal of econometrics: Nonlinear and nonparametric methods in econometricsChen, S. ; Li, Q.
2013ARQ-based spectrum sharing with multiple-access secondary systemFang, S.; Ting, S.H.; Li, Q.; Pandharipande, A.; Motani, M. 
Nov-2013Assessment of antihistamine use in early pregnancy and birth defectsLi, Q.; Mitchell, A.A.; Werler, M.M.; Yau, W.-P. ; Hernández-Díaz, S.
2009Assessment of thermal comfort with the novel enhanced displacement ventilation system in the tropicsLi, Q.; David, C.K.W. ; Sun, W. ; Melikov, A.K.
3-Mar-2014B cells mediate chronic allograft rejection independently of antibody productionZeng, Q.; Ng, Y.-H. ; Singh, T.; Jiang, K.; Sheriff, K.A.; Ippolito, R.; Zahalka, S.; Li, Q.; Randhawa, P.; Hoffman, R.A.; Ramaswami, B.; Lund, F.E.; Chalasani, G.
16-Jun-2009Binary colloidal crystals fabricated with a horizontal deposition methodWang, L.; Wan, Y.; Li, Y.; Cai, Z.; Li, H.-L.; Zhao, X.S. ; Li, Q.
2011Co-existence with ARQ-based primary system through cooperate-and-access spectrum sharingLi, Q.; Ting, S.H.; Pandharipande, A.; Motani, M. 
2011Content based JPEG fragmentation point detectionLi, Q.; Sahin, B.; Chang, E.-C. ; Thing, V.L.L.
2012Cooperate-and-access spectrum sharing with ARQ-based primary systemsLi, Q.; Ting, S.H.; Pandharipande, A.; Motani, M. 
1-Jan-2007Daxx cooperates with the axin/HIPK2/p53 complex to induce cell deathLi, Q.; Wang, X.; Wu, X.; Rui, Y.; Liu, W.; Wang, J.; Wang, X.; Liou, Y.-C. ; Ye, Z.; Lin, S.-C.
28-Jan-2014Deficiency of CCAAT/enhancer binding protein-epsilon reduces atherosclerotic lesions in LDLR-/- MiceOkamoto, R.; Gery, S.; Gombart, A.F.; Wang, X.; Castellani, L.W.; Akagi, T.; Chen, S.; Arditi, M.; Ho, Q.; Lusis, A.J.; Li, Q.; Koeffler, H.P. 
Oct-2008Divergent syntheses of all stereoisomers of phytosphingosine and their use in the construction of a ceramide libraryPark, J.-J.; Lee, J.H.; Li, Q.; Diaz, K.; Chang, Y.-T. ; Chung, S.-K.
15-Feb-2007Effects of AGG on fracture toughness of tungsten carbideLi, T.; Li, Q.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Yu, P.C.; Lu, L. ; Wu, C.C.