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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-20138q24 and 17q Prostate cancer susceptibility loci in a multiethnic Asian cohortChan, J.Y.; Li, H.; Singh, O.; Mahajan, A.; Ramasamy, S.; Subramaniyan, K.; Kanesvaran, R.; Sim, H.G.; Chong, T.W.; Teo, Y.-Y. ; Chia, S.E. ; Tan, M.-H.; Chowbay, B.
Mar-2013A Bio-inspired Platform to Modulate Myogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Through Focal Adhesion RegulationYu, H.; Tay, C.Y.; Pal, M.; Leong, W.S.; Li, H.; Li, H.; Wen, F.; Leong, D.T. ; Tan, L.P.
Feb-2009A chemo-electro-mechanical model for simulation of responsive deformation of glucose-sensitive hydrogels with the effect of enzyme catalysisLi, H.; Luo, R.; Birgersson, E. ; Lam, K.Y.
Jan-2011A computer assisted method for nuclear cataract grading from slit-lamp images using rankingHuang, W.; Chan, K.L.; Li, H.; Lim, J.H.; Liu, J.; Wong, T.Y. 
2010A computer-aided diagnosis system of nuclear cataractLi, H.; Lim, J.H.; Liu, J.; Mitchell, P.; Tan, A.G.; Wang, J.J.; Wong, T.Y. 
2009A computer-aided diagnosis system of nuclear cataract via rankingHuang, W.; Chan, K.L.; Li, H.; Lim, J.H.; Liu, J.; Wong, T.Y. 
Jun-2007A coupled boundary element/finite difference method for fluid-structure interaction with application to dynamic analysis of outer hair cellsLim, K.-M. ; Li, H.
Feb-2006A FSLE-based transceiver for combined synchronization and equalization in partial response systemsChin, C.H.E.; Mong, Y.; Tang, X. ; Thng, I.L.-J. ; Li, H.
2009A generalized-laguerre-fourier-hermite pseudospectral method for computing the dynamics of rotating bose-einstein condensatesBao, W. ; Li, H.; Shen, J.
Mar-2003A golden-block-based self-refining scheme for repetitive patterned wafer inspectionsGuan, S.-U. ; Xie, P.; Li, H.
Nov-2008A gradient smoothing method (GSM) based on strong form governing equation for adaptive analysis of solid mechanics problemsZhang, J. ; Liu, G.R. ; Lam, K.Y.; Li, H.; Xu, G.
Feb-2008A gradient smoothing method (GSM) with directional correction for solid mechanics problemsLiu, G.R. ; Zhang, J. ; Lam, K.Y.; Li, H.; Xu, G.; Zhong, Z.H.; Li, G.Y.; Han, X.
11-Oct-2011A graphene-conjugated oligomer hybrid probe for light-up sensing of lectin and Escherichia coliWang, L.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Li, J.; Qi, X.; Li, H.; Zhang, H.; Fan, C.; Liu, B. 
2006A hierarchical approach for music chord modeling based on the analysis of tonal characteristicsMaddage, N.C.; Kankanhalli, M.S. ; Li, H.
Oct-2011A high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor fabricated with graphene-based electrodesZhang, J.; Jiang, J. ; Li, H.; Zhao, X.S. 
2008A lattice-based approach to query-by-example spoken document retrievalChia, T.K. ; Sim, K.C.; Li, H.; Ng, H.T. 
Feb-2014A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for adiponectin levels in East Asians identifies a novel locus near WDR11-FGFR2Wu, Y.; Gao, H.; Li, H.; Tabara, Y.; Nakatochi, M.; Chiu, Y.-F.; Park, E.J.; Wen, W.; Adair, L.S.; Borja, J.B.; Cai, Q.; Chang, Y.-C.; Chen, P.; Croteau-Chonka, D.C.; Fogarty, M.P.; Gan, W.; He, C.-T.; Hsiung, C.A.; Hwu, C.-M.; Ichihara, S.; Igase, M.; Jo, J.; Kato, N.; Kawamoto, R.; Kuzawa, C.W.; Lee, J.J.M.; Liu, J.; Lu, L.; Mcdade, T.W.; Osawa, H.; Sheu, W.H.-H.; Teo, Y.; Vadlamudi, S.; Van Dam, R.M.; Wang, Y.; Xiang, Y.-B.; Yamamoto, K.; Ye, X.; Young, T.L. ; Zheng, W.; Zhu, J.; Shu, X.-O.; Shin, C.; Jee, S.H.; Chuang, L.-M.; Miki, T.; Yokota, M.; Lin, X.; Mohlke, K.L.; Tai, E.S.
2001A metaheuristic for the pickup and delivery problem with time windowsLi, H.; Lim, A. 
2011A miniaturized heterogeneous wireless sensor node in 3DICLiu, X.; Wang, L. ; Jayakrishnan, M.; Lan, J.; Li, H.; Choong, C.S.; Raja, M.K.-S.; Guo, Y. ; Goh, W.L.; He, J.; Gao, S.; Je, M.
2002A multiresolution segmentation technique for spine MRI imagesLi, H.; Yan, C.H. ; Ong, S.H. ; Chui, C.K. ; Teoh, S.H.