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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Apr-2014A benzothiazole-cyclopentadithiophene bridged D-A-π-A sensitizer with enhanced light absorption for high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cellsWang, X.; Yang, J.; Yu, H.; Li, F.; Fan, L.; Sun, W.; Liu, Y.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Pan, J.; Yim, W.-L.; Yan, L.; Wang, Q. 
2013An anthraquinone derivative, emodin sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma cells to TRAIL induced apoptosis through the induction of death receptors and downregulation of cell survival proteinsSubramaniam, A.; Loo, S.Y.; Rajendran, P.; Manu, K.A. ; Perumal, E.; Li, F.; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Siveen, K.S.; Park, J.-I.; Ahn, K.S.; Hui, K.M.; Kumar, A.P. ; Sethi, G.
2012Anti-cancer activity of novel dibenzo[b,f]azepine tethered isoxazoline derivativesSadashiva, M.P.; Basappa; Nanjundaswamy, S.; Li, F.; Manu, K.A. ; Sengottuvelan, M.; Prasanna, D.S.; Anilkumar, N.C.; Sethi, G.; Sugahara, K.; Rangappa, K.S.
2011Balancing energy, latency and accuracy for mobile sensor data classificationChu, D.; Lane, N.D.; Lai, T.T.-T.; Pang, C. ; Meng, X.; Guo, Q.; Li, F.; Zhao, F.
15-Nov-2010Butein downregulates chemokine receptor CXCR4 expression and function through suppression of NF-κB activation in breast and pancreatic tumor cellsChua, A.W.L.; Hay, H.S. ; Rajendran, P.; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Li, F.; Bist, P.; Koay, E.S.C.; Lim, L.H.K.; Kumar, A.P. ; Sethi, G.
12-Jul-2013Cationic polyfluorenes with phosphorescent iridium(III) complexes for time-resolved luminescent biosensing and fluorescence lifetime imagingShi, H.; Sun, H.; Yang, H.; Liu, S.; Jenkins, G.; Feng, W.; Li, F.; Zhao, Q.; Liu, B. ; Huang, W.
Nov-2011Celastrol inhibits proliferation and induces chemosensitization through down-regulation of NF-κB and STAT3 regulated gene products in multiple myeloma cellsKannaiyan, R.; Hay, H.S. ; Rajendran, P.; Li, F.; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Vali, S.; Abbasi, T.; Kapoor, S.; Sharma, A.; Kumar, A.P. ; Chng, W.-J.; Sethi, G.
Oct-2011Celastrol inhibits tumor cell proliferation and promotes apoptosis through the activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase and suppression of PI3 K/Akt signaling pathwaysKannaiyan, R.; Manu, K.A. ; Chen, L.; Li, F.; Rajendran, P.; Subramaniam, A.; Lam, P.; Kumar, A.P. ; Sethi, G.
Apr-2012Celastrol suppresses growth and induces apoptosis of human hepatocellular carcinoma through the modulation of STAT3/JAK2 signaling cascade In Vitro and In VivoRajendran, P.; Li, F.; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Kannaiyan, R.; Goh, J.; Wong, K. ; Wang, W.; Khin, E.; Tergaonkar, V.; Kumar, A. ; Luk, J.M.; Sethi, G.
20-Mar-2013Chiral Ar-BINMOL-derived salan as fluorescent sensor for recognition of CuCl and cascade discrimination of α-amino acidsLi, F.; Li, L.; Yang, W.; Zheng, L.-S.; Zheng, Z.-J.; Jiang, K.; Lu, Y. ; Xu, L.-W.
20-Mar-2013Chiral Ar-BINMOL-derived salan as fluorescent sensor for recognition of CuCl and cascade discrimination of α-amino acidsLi, F.; Li, L.; Yang, W.; Zheng, L.-S.; Zheng, Z.-J.; Jiang, K.; Lu, Y. ; Xu, L.-W.
2012Collaborative visual modeling for automatic image annotation via sparse model codingWang, M.; Li, F.; Wang, M. 
24-Sep-2013Determination of sensitizer regeneration efficiency in dye-sensitized solar cellsLi, F.; Jennings, J.R. ; Wang, Q. 
30-May-2013Determining the conductivities of the two charge transport phases in solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells by impedance spectroscopyLi, F.; Jennings, J.R. ; Wang, Q. ; Chua, J.; Mathews, N.; Mhaisalkar, S.G.; Moon, S.-J.; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätzel, M.
Jul-2004Direct trim etching process of Si/SiO2 gate stacks using 193 nm ArF patternsTan, K.M.; Yoo, W.J. ; Ma, H.H.H. ; Li, F.; Chan, L.
Jan-2014Distributed data management using mapreduceLi, F.; Ooi, B.C. ; Özsu, M.T.; Wu, S.
Nov-1996Eddy current compensation for magnetic electron lensesThong, J.T.L. ; Li, F.
May-2000Effect of mass transfer and catalyst layer thickness on photocatalytic reactionChen, D.; Li, F.; Ray, A.K. 
1994Effects of pre-conditioning and microbial composition on the sensing efficacy of a BOD biosensorLi, F.; Tan, C. ; Lee, Y.K. 
Oct-2013Emodin inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in an orthotopic hepatocellular carcinoma model by blocking activation of STAT3Subramaniam, A.; Shanmugam, M.K. ; Ong, T.H.; Li, F.; Perumal, E.; Chen, L.; Vali, S.; Abbasi, T.; Kapoor, S.; Ahn, K.S.; Kumar, A.P. ; Hui, K.M.; Sethi, G.