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Dec-2011A general strategy toward graphene@metal oxide core-shell nanostructures for high-performance lithium storageZhou, W.; Zhu, J.; Cheng, C.; Liu, J.; Yang, H.; Cong, C.; Guan, C.; Jia, X.; Fan, H.J.; Yan, Q.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
Feb-2011A polycationic antimicrobial and biocompatible hydrogel with microbe membrane suctioning abilityLi, P.; Poon, Y.F.; Li, W.; Zhu, H.-Y.; Yeap, S.H.; Cao, Y.; Qi, X.; Zhou, C.; Lamrani, M.; Beuerman, R.W.; Kang, E.-T. ; Mu, Y.; Li, C.M.; Chang, M.W.; Jan Leong, S.S.; Chan-Park, M.B.
14-Jan-2013Controlled synthesis of hierarchical graphene-wrapped TiO 2@Co3O4 coaxial nanobelt arrays for high-performance lithium storageLuo, Y.; Luo, J.; Zhou, W.; Qi, X.; Zhang, H.; Yu, D.Y.W.; Li, C.M.; Fan, H.J.; Yu, T. 
2008Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalytic mechanism of evolved Escherichia coli cells in microbial fuel cellsQiao, Y.; Li, C.M.; Bao, S.-J.; Lu, Z.; Hong, Y. 
Dec-2010Droplet microfluidic preparation of au nanoparticles-coated chitosan microbeads for flow-through surface-enhanced Raman scattering detectionWang, W.; Yang, C.; Cui, X.Q.; Bao, Q.L. ; Li, C.M.
2009Electrical transport and photovoltaic effects of core-shell CuO/C 60 nanowire heterostructureBao, Q. ; Li, C.M.; Liao, L.; Yang, H.; Wang, W.; Ke, C.; Song, Q.; Bao, H.; Yu, T.; Loh, K.P. ; Guo, J.
1-Aug-2009Establishment of medakafish as a model for stem cell-based gene therapy: Efficient gene delivery and potential chromosomal integration by baculoviral vectorsYan, Y.; Du, J.; Chen, T. ; Yi, M. ; Li, M. ; Wang, S. ; Li, C.M.; Hong, Y. 
11-Dec-2008Ex and in situ confocal raman studies of organic thin film and its on-working transistorsBao, Q. ; Gan, Y.; Li, J.; Li, C.M.
28-Aug-2011Fabrication of Co3O4-reduced graphene oxide scrolls for high-performance supercapacitor electrodesZhou, W.; Liu, J.; Chen, T.; Tan, K.S.; Jia, X.; Luo, Z.; Cong, C.; Yang, H.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
5-Aug-2013Hierarchical TiO2 nanobelts@MnO2 ultrathin nanoflakes core-shell array electrode materials for supercapacitorsLuo, Y.; Kong, D.; Luo, J.; Chen, S.; Zhang, D.; Qiu, K.; Qi, X.; Zhang, H.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
2009Multifunctional CuO nanowire devices: P-type field effect transistors and CO gas sensorsLiao, L.; Zhang, Z.; Yan, B.; Zheng, Z.; Bao, Q.L.; Wu, T.; Li, C.M.; Shen, Z.X.; Zhang, J.X. ; Gong, H. ; Li, J.C.; Yu, T.
2009P -type electrical, photoconductive, and anomalous ferromagnetic properties of Cu2 O nanowiresLiao, L.; Yan, B.; Hao, Y.F. ; Xing, G.Z.; Liu, J.P.; Zhao, B.C.; Shen, Z.X.; Wu, T.; Wang, L.; Thong, J.T.L. ; Li, C.M.; Huang, W.; Yu, T.
Apr-2012Seed-assisted synthesis of highly ordered TiO 2α- Fe 2O 3 core/shell arrays on carbon textiles for lithium-ion battery applicationsLuo, Y.; Luo, J.; Jiang, J.; Zhou, W.; Yang, H.; Qi, X.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.J.; Yu, D.Y.W.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
7-May-2013Self-assembled graphene@PANI nanoworm composites with enhanced supercapacitor performanceLuo, Y.; Kong, D.; Jia, Y.; Luo, J.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, D.; Qiu, K.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
7-May-2012Self-assembly of well-ordered whisker-like manganese oxide arrays on carbon fiber paper and its application as electrode material for supercapacitorsLuo, Y.; Jiang, J.; Zhou, W.; Yang, H.; Luo, J.; Qi, X.; Zhang, H.; Yu, D.Y.W.; Li, C.M.; Yu, T. 
16-Jul-2009Theoretical and experimental studies of electronic transport of dithienothiopheneBao, Q. ; Lu, Z.; Li, J.; Loh, K.P. ; Li, C.M.