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2005A comparative study of QRD-M detection and sphere decoding for MIMO-OFDM systemsDai, Y.; Sun, S. ; Lei, Z.
May-2012A comprehensive survey of genomic alterations in gastric cancer reveals systematic patterns of molecular exclusivity and co-occurrence among distinct therapeutic targetsDeng, N. ; Goh, L.K. ; Wang, H.; Das, K. ; Tao, J.; Tan, I.B.; Zhang, S.; Lee, M.; Wu, J.; Lim, K.H.; Lei, Z.; Goh, G.; Lim, Q.-Y.; Tan, A.L.-K.; Poh, D.Y.S.; Riahi, S.; Bell, S.; Shi, M.M.; Linnartz, R.; Zhu, F.; Yeoh, K.G.; Toh, H.C.; Yong, W.P. ; Cheong, H.C.; Rha, S.Y.; Boussioutas, A.; Grabsch, H.; Rozen, S. ; Tan, P. 
14-Feb-2013A high-energy-density supercapacitor with graphene-CMK-5 as the electrode and ionic liquid as the electrolyteLei, Z.; Liu, Z.; Wang, H.; Sun, X.; Lu, L. ; Zhao, X.S.
2004A new power control algorithm in CDMA systemsWang, Q. ; Chin, F.; Lei, Z.
Aug-2006A virtual reality simulator for remote interventional radiology: Concept and prototype designXin, M.; Lei, Z.; Volkau, I.; Weili, Z.; Aziz, A.; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Nowinski, W.L.
2013Alterations in metabolic pathways and networks in Alzheimer's diseaseKaddurah-Daouk, R.; Zhu, H.; Sharma, S.; Bogdanov, M.; Rozen, S.G. ; Matson, W.; Oki, N.O.; Motsinger-Reif, A.A.; Churchill, E.; Lei, Z.; Appleby, D.; Kling, M.A.; Trojanowski, J.Q.; Doraiswamy, P.M.; Arnold, S.E.
1999An evaluation of mattress encasings and high efficiency particulate filters on asthma control in the tropicsThiam, D.G.Y.; Tim, C.F. ; Hoon, L.S.; Lei, Z.; Bee-Wah, L. 
2007Block spread IFDMA: AN improved uplink transmission schemePeng, X.; Png, K.-B.; Lei, Z.; Chin, F.; Ko, C.C. 
2014Hysteresis analysis of high precision PZT actuator in dual-stage hard disk driveRahman, M.A.; Al Mamun, A. ; Lei, Z.
Sep-2013Identification of molecular subtypes of gastric cancer with different responses to pi3-kinase inhibitors and 5-fluorouracilLei, Z.; Tan, I.B.; Das, K. ; Deng, N. ; Zouridis, H.; Pattison, S.; Chua, C.; Feng, Z.; Guan, Y.K.; Ooi, C.H. ; Ivanova, T.; Zhang, S.; Lee, M.; Wu, J.; Ngo, A.; Manesh, S.; Tan, E.; Teh, B.T.; So, J.B.Y.; Goh, L.K. ; Boussioutas, A.; Lim, T.K.H.; Flotow, H.; Tan, P. ; Rozen, S.G. 
1-Dec-2007Investigation into a surface plasmon related heating effect in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyKiang, W.K.; Ze, X.S.; Lei, Z.; Watt, F. ; Khee, C.S.; Olivo, M.
26-Oct-2010Mean-field regime of trapped dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates in one and two dimensionsCai, Y.; Rosenkranz, M. ; Lei, Z.; Bao, W. 
1-Feb-2013mTORC1 inhibition restricts infammation-associated gastrointestinal tumorigenesis in miceThiem, S.; Pierce, T.P.; Palmieri, M.; Putoczki, T.L.; Buchert, M.; Preaudet, A.; Farid, R.O.; Love, C.; Catimel, B.; Lei, Z.; Rozen, S. ; Gopalakrishnan, V.; Schaper, F.; Hallek, M.; Boussioutas, A.; Tan, P. ; Jarnicki, A.; Ernst, M.
2006Plasmon-induced heating effect in surface enhanced raman scatteringKho, K.W.; Shen, Z.X.; Lei, Z.; Watt, F. ; Soo, K.C.; Olivo, M.
2004Power & backlog sensitive power control for wireless data in CDMA mobile systems under multipath environmentsWang, Q. ; Chin, F.; Lei, Z.
2004Power & backlog sensitive power control for wireless data in CDMA mobile systems under multipath environmentsWang, Q. ; Chin, F.; Lei, Z.
2004Scheduled data dissemination among mobile devicesWang, Q. ; Lei, Z.; Chin, F.
2004Si CMOS sub-nano pulse integrator for UWB systemLei, Z.; Tong, T.; Yong-ping, X. 
3-Feb-2014Synthetic multivalent antifungal peptides effective against fungiLakshminarayanan, R. ; Liu, S. ; Li, J.; Nandhakumar, M.; Aung, T.T.; Goh, E.; Chang, J.Y.T.; Saraswathi, P.; Tang, C.; Safie, S.R.B.; Lin, L.Y.; Riezman, H.; Lei, Z.; Verma, C.S. ; Beuerman, R.W.
2008Two-layer spreading CDMA: An improved method for broadband uplink transmissionPeng, X.; Png, K.-B.; Lei, Z.; Chin, F.; Ko, C.C.