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2014Clinical validation of an ultra high-throughput spiral microfluidics for the detection and enrichment of viable circulating tumor cellsKhoo B.L.; Warkiani M.E.; Tan D.S.-W.; Bhagat A.A.S.; Irwin D.; Lau D.P.; Lim A.S.T.; Lim K.H.; Krisna S.S.; Lim W.-T.; Yap Y.S.; Lee S.C.; Soo R.A.; Han J.; Lim C.T. 
2018Determinants of satisfaction with cosmetic outcome in breast cancer survivors: A cross-sectional studyHo P.J. ; Hartman M. ; Young-Afat D.A.; Gernaat S.A.M.; Lee S.C.; Verkooijen H.M.
1-Jan-2017Outcome after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in Asian breast cancer patientsLim L.Y.; Miao H.; Lim J.S.J.; Lee S.C.; Bhoo-Pathy N.; Yip C.H.; Taib N.A.B.M.; Chan P.; Tan E.Y.; Lim S.H.; Lim G.H.; Woo E.; Tan Y.S.; Lee J.A.; Wong M.; Tan P.H.; Ong K.W.; Wong F.Y.; Yap Y.S.; Hartman M. 
2-May-2017Risk of death from cardiovascular disease following breast cancer in Southeast Asia: A prospective cohort studyGernaat S.A.M.; Ho P.J.; Rijnberg N.; Lee S.C.; Lim S.H.; Yap Y.S.; Grobbee D.E.; Hartman M. ; Verkooijen H.M.
15-Apr-2017Significant effect of polymorphisms in CYP2D6 on response to tamoxifen therapy for breast cancer: A prospective multicenter studyZembutsu H.; Nakamura S.; Akashi-Tanaka S.; Kuwayama T.; Watanabe C.; Takamaru T.; Takei H.; Ishikawa T.; Miyahara K.; Matsumoto H.; Hasegawa Y.; Kutomi G.; Shima H.; Satomi F.; Okazaki M.; Zaha H.; Onomura M.; Matsukata A.; Sagara Y.; Baba S.; Yamada A.; Shimada K.; Shimizu D.; Tsugawa K.; Shimo A.; Tan E.Y.; Hartman M. ; Chan C.-W. ; Lee S.C.; Nakamura Y.