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2013A-Type Lamins Maintain the Positional Stability of DNA Damage Repair Foci in Mammalian NucleiMahen R.; Hattori H.; Lee M.; Sharma P.; Jeyasekharan A.D. ; Venkitaraman A.R.
2015Construction of a high-density linkage map and fine mapping of QTL for growth in Asian seabassWang L. ; Wan Z.Y.; Bai B.; Huang S.Q.; Chua E.; Lee M.; Pang H.Y.; Wen Y.F.; Liu P. ; Liu F. ; Sun F.; Lin G.; Ye B.Q.; Yue G.H. 
8-Jan-2018Genomic and Epigenomic Profiling of High-Risk Intestinal Metaplasia Reveals Molecular Determinants of Progression to Gastric CancerHuang K.K.; Ramnarayanan K.; Zhu F.; Srivastava S.; Xu C.; Tan A.L.K.; Lee M.; Tay S.; Das K.; Xing M.; Fatehullah A.; Alkaff S.M.F.; Lim T.K.H.; Lee J.; Ho K.Y.; Rozen S.G.; Teh B.T.; Barker N.; Chia C.K.; Khor C.; Ooi C.J.; Fock K.M.; So J. ; Lim W.C.; Ling K.L.; Ang T.L.; Wong A.; Rao J.; Rajnakova A.; Lim L.G.; Yap W.M.; Teh M.; Yeoh K.G.; Tan P.
2016Multi-input cardiac image super-resolution using convolutional neural networksOktay O.; Bai W.; Lee M.; Guerrero R.; Kamnitsas K.; Caballero J.; De Marvao A.; Cook S. ; O’Regan D.; Rueckert D.
2019Targeting STAT3 and oxidative phosphorylation in oncogene-addicted tumorsLee M.; Hirpara J.L. ; Eu J.-Q. ; Sethi G. ; Wang L. ; Goh B.-C. ; Wong A.L. 
2015The origins and radiation of Australian Coptotermes termites: From rainforest to desert dwellersBlocki A. ; Wang Y.; Koch M.; Goralczyk A.; Beyer S.; Agarwal N.; Lee M.; Moonshi S.; Dewavrin J.-Y.; Peh P.; Schwarz H.; Bhakoo K.; Raghunath M.