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2006Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma in SingaporeWai, C.T. ; Lee, Y.M.; Lim, S.-G. ; Wang, S.C.; Da, Costa M.; Isaac, J. ; Wee, A. 
2006Long-term results of liver transplant in patients with chronic viral hepatitis-related liver disease in SingaporeWai, C.T. ; Sutedja, D.; Lee, Y.M.; Lim, S.-G. ; Isaac, J. ; Prabhakaran, K. ; Da, Costa M.; Lee, K.H. ; Wee, A. ; Tan, K.C. 
2007Prevalence and clinical associations of posttransplant fatty liver diseaseLim, L.G.; Lim, S.G. ; Lee, Y.M.; Sutedja, D.S.; Wai, C.-T. ; Cheng, C.L.; Wee, A. ; Da, Costa M.; Prabhakaran, K. 
Jun-2010Prospective audit of Febrile neutropenia management at a tertiary university hospital in SingaporeJin, J. ; Lee, Y.M.; Ding, Y.; Koh, L.P.; Lim, S.E.; Lim, R.; Tambyah, P.A.; Hsu, L.Y.
Nov-2012Risk factors for adverse outcomes and multidrugresistant Gram-negative bacteraemia in haematology patients with febrile neutropenia in a Singaporean university hospitalPoon, L.M.; Jin, J.; Chee, Y.L.; Ding, Y.; Lee, Y.M.; Chng, W.J.; Chai, L.Y.-A.; Tan, L.K.; Hsu, L.Y. 
2004Successful listing of patients for liver transplant was related to participation of referring doctor in the transplant programWai, C.-T.; Prabhakaran, K. ; Kaur, M.; Lee, Y.M.; Dan, Y.Y.; Sutedja, D.S.; Aw, M.M. ; Quak, S.H. ; Mak, K.; Isaac, J. ; Lee, K.H. ; Lim, S.G. 
2005Treatment of steroid-resistant acute liver transplant rejection with BasiliximabFernandes, M.L.; Lee, Y.M.; Sutedja, D.; Wai, C.T. ; Isacc, J. ; Prabhakaran, K. ; Lim, S.G. ; Lee, K.H.