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Nov-2004A cost comparison of management of chronic hepatitis B and its associated complications in Hong Kong and Singapore.Li, S.C. ; Ong, S.C.; Lim, S.G.; Yeoh, K.G.; Kwong, K.S.; Lee, V.; Lee, W.; Lau, J.; Wong, I.; Kung, N.; Leung, W.T.; Chan, H.L.; Chan, F.K.; Sung, J.J.; Lee, K.K.
May-2012Estimating the number of true discoveries in genome-wide association studiesLee, W.; Gusnanto, A.; Salim, A. ; Magnusson, P.; Sim, X. ; Tai, E.S.; Pawitan, Y.
29-Nov-2013Flexible graphene-PZT ferroelectric nonvolatile memoryLee, W.; Kahya, O.; Toh, C.T. ; Özyilmaz, B. ; Ahn, J.-H.
Jan-2012Guidelines for antimicrobial stewardship training and practiceTeng, C.B. ; Lee, W.; Yeo, C.L.; Lee, S.Y.; Ng, T.M.; Yeoh, S.F.; Lim, W.H.; Kwa, A.L.; Thoon, K.C.; Ooi, S.T.; Tan, T.Y.; Hsu, L.Y.; Lye, D.C.; Chlebicki, M.P.
Dec-2009In vitro activity of various combinations of antimicrobials against carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter species in SingaporeLim, T.-P.; Tan, T.-Y.; Lee, W.; Sasikala, S.; Tan, T.-T.; Hsu, L.-Y.Hsu, L.-Y. ; Kwa, A.L.
Jan-2011Inappropriate carbapenem use in Singapore public hospitals: Opportunities for antimicrobial stewardshipLiew, Y.X.; Lee, W.; Kwa, A.L.; Lye, D.C.; Yeo, C.L.; Hsu, L.Y. 
2008Local radon transform and earth mover's distances for content-based image retrievalXiong, W.; Ong, S.H. ; Lee, W.; Foong, K. 
2010MUST 2010: Welcome message from workshop organizers: FutureTech 2010Prabhakaran, B.; Bailer, W.; Rho, S.; Bertini, M.; De Silva, G.C.; Kopf, S.; Park, J.H.; Furht, B.; Ma, J.; Chen, S.-C.; Xiao, Y.; Li, M.; Maddage, N.C.; Doherty, A.R.; Ramanathan, S. ; Le, T.L.; Han, S.-R.; Tancharoen, D.; Inoue, M.; Chan, C.H.; Atrey, P.K.; Martin, T.; Leung, W.-H.H.; De Silva, L.C.; Torniai, C.; Bagdanov, A.D.; Roh, M.-C.; Shahriar, S.; Lee, S.; Lim, S.; De Neve, W.; Lee, G.; Rensing, C.; Han, J.; Kisku, D.R.; Mauthe, A.; Choi, C.; Haenselmann, T.; Lee, W.; Timmerer, C.; Farin, D.; Kannan, R.; Kompatsiaris, Y.; Poppe, C.; Ziółko, B.; Choe, T.E.; D'Ulizia, A.; Dasiopoulou, S.; Kim, Y.
2006Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy in SingaporeFisher, D.A. ; Tambyah, P.A. ; Sulaiman, Z.; Kurup, A.; Lee, W.; Kaur, V.; Lye, D.; Poon, E.Y.H.; Lim, P.L.
2015Prospective audit and feedback in antimicrobial stewardship: Is there value in early reviewing within 48 h of antibiotic prescription?Liew, Y.X.; Lee, W.; Tay, D.; Tang, S.S.L.; Chua, N.G.S.; Zhou, Y.; Kwa, A.L.-H. ; Chlebicki, M.P.
Jan-2013ST22 and ST239 MRSA duopoly in Singaporean hospitals: 2006-2010Teo, J.; Tan, T.Y.; Hon, P.Y.; Lee, W.; Koh, T.H.; Krishnan, P.; Hsu, L.Y. 
9-Dec-2011Surveillance of broad-spectrum antibiotic prescription in Singaporean hospitals: A 5-year longitudinal studyLiew, Y.-X.; Krishnan, P.; Yeo, C.-L.; Tan, T.-Y.; Lee, S.-Y.; Lim, W.-P.; Lee, W.; Hsu, L.-Y. 
Jul-2011Use of procalcitonin (pct) to guide discontinuation of antibiotic use in an unspecified sepsis is an antimicrobial stewardship program (asp)Liew, Y.X.; Chlebicki, M.P.; Lee, W.; Hsu, L.Y. ; Kwa, A.L.