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2006A flexible and efficient sharp filter bank architecture for variable bandwidth systemsLee, J.W.; Lim, Y.C.; Ong, S.H. 
2-Jun-2000A zebrafish Ftz-F1 (Fushi Tarazu Factor 1) homologue requires multiple subdomains in the D and E regions for its transcriptional activityLiu, D.; Chandy, M.; Lee, S.-K.; Le Dréan, Y.; Ando, H.; Xiong, F.; Lee, J.W.; Hew, C.L. 
9-Jul-2012Combinatorial solid-phase synthesis of 4,6-diaryl and 4-aryl, 6-alkyl-1,3,5-triazines and their application to efficient biofuel productionKim, J.Y.H.; Lee, J.W.; Lee, W.S.; Ha, H.-H. ; Vendrell, M.; Bork, J.T.; Lee, Y.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2011Combinatorial solid-phase synthesis of 6-aryl-1,3,5-triazines via suzuki couplingLee, J.W.; Ha, H.-H. ; Vendrell, M.; Bork, J.T.; Chang, Y.-T. 
May-2010Effects of internal stress concentrations in plantar soft-tissue-A preliminary three-dimensional finite element analysisChen, W.-M.; Lee, T. ; Lee, P.V.-S.; Lee, J.W.; Lee, S.-J.
2009Novel orthogonal synthesis of a tagged combinatorial triazine library via grignard reactionLee, J.W.; Bork, J.T.; Ha, H.-H. ; Samanta, A.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2007Research frontiers at SSLSMoser, H.O. ; Bahou, M. ; Casse, B.D.F. ; Chew, E.P. ; Cholewa, M. ; Diao, C.Z. ; Ding, S.X.D.; Gu, P.D. ; Heussler, S.P. ; Jian, L.K. ; Kong, J.R. ; Lee, J.W.; Li, Z.J. ; Li, Z.W. ; Miao, H. ; Ren, Y.P.; Saw, B.T. ; Bin Mahmood, S. ; Wen, L. ; Wong, J.H.W.; Yang, P. ; Yu, X.J. ; Gao, X. ; Liu, T. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Gu, J. ; Sim, W.S. 
2007Towards three-dimensional and multilayer rod-split-ring metamaterial structures by means of deep x-ray lithographyCasse, B.D.F.; Moser, H.O. ; Lee, J.W.; Bahou, M. ; Inglis, S.; Jian, L.K.