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7-Apr-2011A colorimetric pH indicators and boronic acids ensemble array for quantitative sugar analysisGhosh, K.K.; Yap, E.; Kim, H. ; Lee, J.-S.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Oct-2011Clinical and testing protocols for the analysis of epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in East Asian patients with non-small cell lung cancer: A combined clinical-molecular pathological approachSalto-Tellez, M. ; Tsao, M.-S.; Shih, J.-Y.; Thongprasert, S.; Lu, S.; Chang, G.-C.; Au, J.S.-K.; Chou, T.-Y.; Lee, J.-S.; Shi, Y.-K.; Radzi, A.; Kang, J.-H.; Kim, S.-W.; Tan, S.-Y.; Yang, J.C.-H.
2008Collaborative information seeking in intercultural computer-mediated communication groups: Testing the influence of social context using social network analysisCho, H. ; Lee, J.-S.
2009Colorimetric sensor array for qualitative water analysisChan, S.A.; Lee, J.-S.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Aug-2013Comprehensive genomic meta-analysis identifies intra-tumoural stroma as a predictor of survival in patients with gastric cancerWu, Y.; Grabsch, H.; Ivanova, T.; Tan, I.B.; Murray, J.; Ooi, C.H. ; Wright, A.I.; West, N.P.; Hutchins, G.G.A.; Wu, J.; Lee, M.; Lee, J.; Koo, J.H.; Yeoh, K.G.; Van Grieken, N.; Ylstra, B.; Rha, S.Y.; Ajani, J.A.; Cheong, J.H.; Noh, S.H.; Lim, K.H.; Boussioutas, A.; Lee, J.-S.; Tan, P. 
2005Development of computer-supported collaborative social networks in a distributed learning communityCho, H. ; Lee, J.-S.; Stefanone, M.; Gay, G.
Dec-2011Diversity-oriented optical imaging probe developmentLee, J.-S.; Vendrell, M.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2011Factors affecting information seeking and evaluation in a distributed learning environmentLee, J.-S.; Cho, H. 
2012Feasibility analysis model for developer-proposed housing projects in the Republic of KoreaHuh, Y.-K.; Hwang, B.-G. ; Lee, J.-S.
23-Feb-2012Identification of cancer cell-line origins using fluorescence image-based phenomic screeningLee, J.-S.; Kim, Y.K.; Kim, H.J. ; Hajar, S.; Tan, Y.L.; Kang, N.-Y.; Ng, S.H.; Yoon, C.N.; Chang, Y.-T. 
21-May-2010Isozyme-specific fluorescent inhibitor of glutathione S -Transferase omega 1Son, J.; Lee, J.-J.; Lee, J.-S.; Schller, A.; Chang, Y.-T. 
May-2010Microscopic evidence of a new 9R-AgI polytype heterostructureLee, J.-S.; Lee, J.-W.; Lee, J.Y.; Adams, S. ; Guo, Y.-G.; Maier, J.
Jan-2012Mycolic acids as diagnostic markers for tuberculosis case detection in humans and drug efficacy in miceShui, G. ; Bendt, A.K.; Jappar, I.A.; Lim, H.M.; Laneelle, M.; Hervé, M.; Via, L.E.; Chua, G.H.; Bratschi, M.W.; Rahim, S.Z.Z.; Michelle, A.L.T.; Hwang, S.-H.; Lee, J.-S.; Eum, S.-Y.; Kwak, H.-K.; Daffé, M.; Dartois, V.; Michel, G.; Barry, C.E.; Wenk, M.R.
Feb-2013Optimistic Bias About H1N1 Flu: Testing the Links Between Risk Communication, Optimistic Bias, and Self-Protection BehaviorCho, H. ; Lee, J.-S.; Lee, S.
2010Optimistic bias about online privacy risks: Testing the moderating effects of perceived controllability and prior experienceCho, H. ; Chung, S. ; Lee, J.-S.
11-Oct-2010Quantitative structure-fluorescence property relationship analysis of a large BODIPY librarySchüller, A. ; Goh, G.B.; Kim, H. ; Lee, J.-S.; Chang, Y.-T. 
1-Aug-2011Site-selective labeling at Cys302 of aldehyde dehydrogenase unveils a selective mitochondrial stainKim, Y.K.; Lee, J.K.; Lee, J.-S.; Yoon, C.N.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2003Technology acceptance and social networking in distance learningLee, J.-S.; Cho, H. ; Gay, G.; Davidson, B.; Ingraffea, A.