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Mar-1995Acute cyclosporine a nephrotoxicity in a renal allograft recipient with hypothyroidismLeong, S.-O.; Lye, W.-C.; Tan, C.-C. ; Lee, E.J.C.
1996Anaemia and endoscopic gastroduodenitis in pre-dialysis patientsTan, C.C. ; Kang, J.Y.; Ho, K.Y.; Manjit, K.; Van Der Straaten, J.; Lee, E.J.C.
1994Cardiovascular risk factors in kidney transplant recipientsLye, W.C.; Kaur, M.; Leong, S.O.; Tan, C.C. ; Lee, E.J.C.
1994Clinical outcome and complications in kidney transplantation: Experience at the National University Hospital, SingaporeLye, W.C.; Kaur, M.; Leong, S.O.; Tan, C.C. ; Lee, E.J.C.
Feb-2012Estimating glomerular filtration rates by use of both cystatin C and standardized serum creatinine avoids ethnicity coefficients in asian patients with chronic kidney diseaseTeo, B.W.; Xu, H.; Wang, D.; Li, J. ; Sinha, A.K.; Shuter, B.; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
Sep-2012Estimating kidney function in a multiethnic Asian population with multiple filtration markersTeo, B.W.; Xu, H.; Koh, Y.Y.; Li, J. ; Sinha, A.K.; Shuter, B.; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
Jul-2011GFR estimating equations in a multiethnic asian populationTeo, B.W.; Xu, H.; Wang, D.; Li, J. ; Sinha, A.K.; Shuter, B.; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
Feb-2014Glomerular filtration rates in healthy Asians without kidney diseaseTeo, B.W.; Xu, H.; Koh, Y.Y.; Li, J. ; Subramanian, S.; Sinha, A.K.; Shuter, B.; Toh, Q.C.; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
Apr-2005Health economics of renal replacement therapy: Perspectives from SingaporeTan, C.-C. ; Chan, C.-M.; Ho, C.-K.; Wong, K.S.; Lee, E.J.C.; Woo, K.T.
Dec-2008High dose Losartan and ACE gene polymorphism in IgA nephritisWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Choong, H.-L.; Tan, H.-K.; Foo, M.; Lee, E.J.C.; Tan, C.-C. ; Lee, G.S.L.; Tan, S.-H.; Vathsala, A.; Lim, C.-H.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Fook-Chong, S.; Yi, Z.; Tan, H.B.; Wong, K.-S.
Aug-2012National health survey on the prevalence of urinary abnormalities in the population: Then and now (1975 to 2012)Woo, K.T.; Chan, C.M.; Wong, K.S.; Choong, H.L.; Tan, H.K.; Foo, M.W.Y.; Anantharaman, V.; Lee, E.J.C.; Tan, C.C. ; Lee, G.S.L.; Yap, H.K.; Tan, H.B.; Chin, Y.-M.; Lim, C.H.
Jul-1999Once-daily intraperitoneal gentamicin is effective therapy for gram-negative CAPD peritonitisLye, W.-C.; Van Der Straaten, J.C.; Leong, S.-O.; Sivaraman, P.; Tan, S.-H.; Tan, C.-C. ; Lee, E.J.C.
1990Pharmacokinetics of intravenous vancomycin in patients with end-stage renal failureTan, C.C. ; Lee, H.S. ; Ti, T.Y. ; Lee, E.J.C.
Mar-1996Plasma activity of contact coagulation factors in patients with IgA nephritisTan, C.C. ; Lee, G.S.L.; Lee, E.J.C.; Woo, K.T.
Feb-2010Profile of hospitalisation and death in the first year after diagnosis of end-stage renal disease in a multi-ethnic Asian PopulationTeo, B.W.; Ma, V.; Xu, H.; Li, J. ; Lee, E.J.C.
1992Prophylactic antibiotics in the insertion of Tenckhoff cathetersLye, W.-C.; Lee, E.J.C.; Tan, C.-C. 
Nov-2013Spot urine tests in predicting 24-hour urine sodium excretion in asian patientsSubramanian, S.; Teo, B.W.; Toh, Q.C.; Koh, Y.Y.; Li, J. ; Sethi, S.; Lee, E.J.C.
Nov-2010The changing pattern of primary glomerulonephritis in Singapore and other countries over the past 3 decadesWoo, K.-T.; Chan, C.-M.; Mooi, C.Y.; Choong, H.-L.; Tan, H.-K.; Foo, M.; Lee, G.S.L.; Anantharaman, V.; Lim, C.-H.; Tan, C.-C. ; Lee, E.J.C.; Chiang, G.S.C.; Tan, P.H.; Boon, T.H.; Fook-Chong, S.; Wong, K.-S.