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2007Adaptive sorted neighborhood methods for efficient record linkageYan, S.; Lee, D.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Giles, L.C.
Jun-2012Influence of lactate and acetate salt adaptation on Salmonella Typhimurium acid and heat resistanceYuan, W.; Ágoston, R.; Lee, D.; Lee, S.-C.; Yuk, H.-G. 
2005JoDS volume 2 - Guest editorialKing, R.; Orlowska, M.; Bertino, E.; McLeod, D.; Jajodia, S.; Strous, L.; Abel, D.; Aberer, K.; Carlis, J.; Catarci, T.; Cooper, B.; Governatori, G.; Kifer, M.; Lee, D.; Qing, L.; Mark, L.; Mukkamala, R.; Neuhold, E.; Panda, B.; Pitoura, E.; Sheth, A.; Si, A.; Staab, S.; Wang, S.; Chao, Y.; Zimmermann, R.; Batini, C.; Delcambre, L.; Embley, D.W.; Euzenat, J.; Fensel, D.; Guarino, N.; Hainaut, J.-L.; Horrocks, I.; Kerschberg, L.; Lenzerini, M.; Tok, W.L. ; March, S.T.; Meersman, R.; Mylopoulos, J.; Navathe, S.B.; Olivé, A.; De Oliveira, J.P.M.; Parent, C.; Roddick, J.; Schewe, K.-D.; Thalheim, B.; Wand, Y.; Zimányi, E.
2008N-channel MOSFETs with embedded silicon-carbon source/drain stressors formed using cluster-carbon implant and excimer-laser-induced solid phase epitaxyKoh, S.-M.; Sekar, K.; Lee, D.; Krull, W.; Wang, X.; Samudra, G.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. 
Feb-2013Preparation and evaluation of BBB-permeable trehalose derivatives as potential therapeutic agents for Huntington's diseaseIm, J.; Kim, S.; Jeong, Y.-H.; Kim, W.; Lee, D.; Lee, W.S.; Chang, Y.-T. ; Kim, K.-T.; Chung, S.-K.
Mar-2003Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference on Musculo-skeletal Ultrasound, Brussels, August 31 - September 4, 2002Bianchi, S.; Martinoli, C.; Van Holsbeeck, M.; Bouffard, T.; Lee, D.; Azócar, P.; Brasseur, J.L.; Cotten, A.; Reynolds Jr., D.L.; Jacobson, J.A.; Inampudi, P.; Jamadar, D.A.; Hayes, C.W.; Craig, J.; Diamond, M.; Chhem, R.K. ; Cho, K.-H.; Kuhns, L.R.; Koujok, K.; Peetrons, P.; Grant, T.H.; Jerek, S.E.; Kelikian, A.S.; Kincaid, B.
2008Scholarly digital libraries at scale: Introduction to the special issue on very large digital librariesKan, M.-Y. ; Lee, D.; Lim, E.-P.
2006Search engine driven author disambiguationTan, Y.F.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Lee, D.
2010Separation of model mixtures of epsilon-globin positive fetal nucleated red blood cells and anucleate erythrocytes using a microfluidic deviceLee, D.; Xu, G.; Sukumar, P. ; Mahyuddin, A.; Choolani, M. 
2007Web based linkageElmacioglu, E.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Lee, D.; Zhang, Y.