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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An Approach to Forming Top Management Team of Mega Infrastructure Projects based on Improved Case-Based ReasoningBai J.; Li Y.; Lu Y. ; Le Y.; 白居; 李永奎; 卢昱杰 ; 乐云
2012Complex projects organization power quantification and empirical study based on SNALi Y.-K.; Le Y.; He Q.-H.; Lu Y.-J. 
Aug-2011Construction Project Front-end PlanningLe Y.; Li Y.; Xie L.; He Q.; Lu Y. 
2011Design of integrated cost and contract management information systems for mega projectLuo S.; Lu Y. ; Le Y.; Peng Y.
2011Developing cost control information system in the complex projectLuo S.; Lu Y. ; Peng Y.; Le Y.
2015Evaluation and optimization of city infrastructure multi-projects integration control systemZheng X.; Lu Y. ; Li Y.; Le Y.
2018Formation of Interorganizational Relational Behavior in Megaprojects: Perspective of the Extended Theory of Planned BehaviorZheng X.; Lu Y. ; Le Y.; Li Y.; Fang J.
2014Information and communication technology applications in architecture, engineering, and construction organizations: A 15-year reviewLu Y. ; Li Y.; Skibniewski M.; Wu Z.; Wang R.; Le Y.
2011Large and complex projects organization social network model and empirical studyLi Y.; Le Y.; He Q.; Lu Y. 
2011Large scale projects organization controlling mechanisms and empirical study based on SNALi Y.; Le Y.; Lu Y. 
2013Modeling green value creation in a construction companyLu Y. ; Cui Q.; Le Y.
2014Modular System Design and Evaluation of City Infrastructure Multi-projects: Integration Control System Based on DSMZheng X.; Lu Y. ; Li Y.; Le Y.
2008Project Management in World Expo 2010 Shanghai ChinaHe Q.; Li Y.; Le Y.; Lu Y. 
2008Research on owner’s project management in design periodShi Q.; Lu Y. ; Le Y.; 施骞; 卢昱杰 ; 乐云
2011Social Network Analysis and Organizational Control in Complex Projects: A Case Study of Expo 2010 ConstructionLi Y.; Lu Y. ; Kwak Y. H.; Le Y.; He Q.
2010The sustainability of dynamic organization: a case study of the international construction coordination in World Expo 2010Shi Q.; Lu Y. ; Le Y.; 施骞; 卢昱杰 ; 乐云
2016Trust and Project Success: A Twofold Perspective between Owners and ContractorsJiang W.; Lu Y. ; Le Y.
2013Turning green to gold in the construction industry: Fable or fact?Lu Y. ; Cui Q.; Le Y.