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Nov-2004A cost comparison of management of chronic hepatitis B and its associated complications in Hong Kong and Singapore.Li, S.C. ; Ong, S.C.; Lim, S.G.; Yeoh, K.G.; Kwong, K.S.; Lee, V.; Lee, W.; Lau, J.; Wong, I.; Kung, N.; Leung, W.T.; Chan, H.L.; Chan, F.K.; Sung, J.J.; Lee, K.K.
20-Nov-2010A fast and straightforward route towards the synthesis of the lissoclimide class of anti-tumour agentsNguyen, T.M.; Vu, N.Q.; Youte, J.-J.; Lau, J.; Cheong, A.; San Ho, Y.; Tan, B.S.W.; Yoganathan, K.; Butler, M.S.; Chai, C.L.L. 
2009Attenuation of porcine circovirus 2 in SPF piglets by abrogation of ORF3 functionKaruppannan, A.K.; Zhu, Y.; Selvaraj, M.; Lau, J.; Jia, Q.; Kwang, J. ; Jong, M.H.; Lee, S.-H.
23-Mar-2011Concise, efficient and practical assembly of bromo-5,6-dimethoxyindole building blocksHuleatt, P.B.; Lau, J.; Chua, S.; Tan, Y.L.; Duong, H.A.; Chai, C.L.L. 
2007Enhanced replication of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) in a homogeneous subpopulation of PK15 cell lineZhu, Y.; Lau, A.; Lau, J.; Jia, Q.; Karuppannan, A.K.; Kwang, J. 
2008Influence of optical probe packaging on a 3D MEMS scanning micro-mirror for optical coherence tomography (OCT) applicationsPremachandran, C.S.; Khairyanto, A.; Chen, K.; Singh, J.; Wang, S.X.L.; Yingshun, X.; Nanguang, C. ; Sheppard, C.J.R. ; Olivo, M.; Lau, J.
25-Apr-2008Nucleophosmin Interacts with HEXIM1 and Regulates RNA Polymerase II TranscriptionGurumurthy, M.; Tan, C.H.; Ng, R.; Zeiger, L.; Lau, J.; Lee, J.; Dey, A.; Philp, R.; Li, Q.; Lim, T.M. ; Price, D.H.; Lane, D.P.; Chao, S.-H.
2007The ORF3 protein of porcine circovirus type 2 interacts with porcine ubiquitin E3 ligase Pirh2 and facilitates p53 expression in viral infectionLiu, J.; Zhu, Y.; Chen, I.; Lau, J.; He, F.; Lau, A.; Wang, Z.; Karuppannan, A.K.; Kwang, J.