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12-Jun-2007Collagen matrix deposition is dramatically enhanced in vitro when crowded with charged macromolecules: The biological relevance of the excluded volume effectLareu, R.R.; Subramhanya, K.H.; Peng, Y.; Benny, P.; Chen, C.; Wang, Z.; Rajagopalan, R. ; Raghunath, M. 
1-Oct-2008Collagen solubility testing, a quality assurance step for reproducible electro-spun nano-fibre fabrication. A technical noteZeugolis, D.I. ; Li, B. ; Lareu, R.R.; Chan, C.K. ; Raghunath, M. 
2006Defensins HNP1 and HBD2 stimulation of wound-associated responses in human conjunctival fibroblastsLi, J. ; Tan, D. ; Beuerman, R.W. ; Raghunath, M. ; Lareu, R.R.; Chen, Z.
2009Dirty Surface - Cleaner Cells? Some Observations with a Bio-Assembled Extracellular MatrixLoe, F.C. ; Peng, Y.; Blocki, A.; Thomson, A.; Lareu, R.R.; Raghunath, M. 
2009Early adhesive behavior of bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells on collagen electrospun fibersChan, C.K. ; Liao, S. ; Lareu, R.R.; Raghunath, M. ; Li, B.; Ramakrishna, S. ; Larrick, J.W.
9-Nov-2007Emulating a crowded intracellular environment in vitro dramatically improves RT-PCR performanceLareu, R.R.; Harve, K.S. ; Raghunath, M. 
Aug-2010Essential modification of the Sircol Collagen assay for the accurate quantification of collagen content in complex protein solutionsLareu, R.R.; Zeugolis, D.I. ; Abu-Rub, M.; Pandit, A.; Raghunath, M. 
Feb-2007In vitro enhancement of collagen matrix formation and crosslinking for applications in tissue engineering: A preliminary studyLareu, R.R.; Arsianti, I.; Subramhanya, H.K. ; Yanxian, P.; Raghunath, M. 
2009Suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid: A potential epigenetic therapeutic agent for lung fibrosis?Wang, Z.; Chen, C.; Lareu, R.R.; Raghunath, M. ; Finger, S.N. ; Do, Kwajah MM S.; Schwarz, H. ; Jung, M.; Swanson, N.
2009The Scar-in-a-Jar: Studying potential antifibrotic compounds from the epigenetic to extracellular level in a single wellChen, C.Z.C. ; Peng, Y.X.; Wang, Z.B.; Fish, P.V.; Kaar, J.L.; Koepsel, R.R.; Russell, A.J.; Lareu, R.R.; Raghunath, M.