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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A computational evaluation of the designs of a novel nanoelectromechanical switch based on bilayer graphene nanoribbonLam, K.-T.; Liang, G. 
2010A computational study on the device performance of graphene nanoribbon heterojunction tunneling FETs based on bandgap engineeringLam, K.-T.; Da, H. ; Chin, S.-K.; Samudra, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Liang, G. 
Apr-2009A computational study on the device performance of Graphene Nanoribbon resonant tunneling diodesTeong, H.; Lam, K.-T.; Liang, G. 
Jun-2010A simulation study of graphene-nanoribbon tunneling FET with heterojunction channelLam, K.-T.; Seah, D.; Chin, S.-K.; Bala Kumar, S. ; Samudra, G. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Liang, G. 
27-Dec-2010Ambipolar bistable switching effect of grapheneShin, Y.J.; Kwon, J.H.; Kalon, G. ; Lam, K.-T.; Bhatia, C.S. ; Liang, G. ; Yang, H. 
2008An ab initio investigation of monolayer and bilayer graphene nanoribbon based on different basis setsLam, K.-T.; Liang, G. 
2008An ab initio study on energy gap of bilayer graphene nanoribbons with armchair edgesLam, K.-T.; Liang, G. 
2009Bilayer graphene nanoribbon nanoelectromechanical system device: A computational studyLam, K.-T.; Lee, C. ; Liang, G. 
2009Computational study of graphene nanoribbon resonant tunneling diodesLiang, G. ; Teong, H.; Lam, K.-T.
2009Computational study on the performance comparison of monolayer and bilayer zigzag graphene nanoribbon FETsLam, K.-T.; Liang, G. 
15-Jul-2011Design evaluation of graphene nanoribbon nanoelectromechanical devicesLam, K.-T.; Stephen Leo, M.; Lee, C. ; Liang, G. 
2009Device performance of graphene nanoribbon field effect transistors with edge roughness effects: A computational studyLeong, Z.-Y.; Lam, K.-T.; Liang, G. 
Nov-2010Device physics and characteristics of graphene nanoribbon tunneling FETsChin, S.-K.; Seah, D.; Lam, K.-T.; Samudra, G.S. ; Liang, G. 
Apr-2010Effect of Ribbon Width and doping concentration on device performance of graphene nanoribbon tunneling field-effect transistorsLam, K.-T.; Chin, S.-K.; Seah, D.W.; Bala Kumar, S. ; Liang, G. 
2012Electronic structure of bilayer graphene nanoribbon and its device application: A computational studyLam, K.-T.; Liang, G. 
Apr-2011Electrostatics of ultimately thin-body tunneling FET Using graphene nanoribbonLam, K.-T.; Yang, Y.; Samudra, G.S. ; Yeo, Y.-C. ; Liang, G. 
May-2012Graphene nanoribbon tunneling field-effect transistors with a semiconducting and a semimetallic heterojunction channelDa, H. ; Lam, K.-T.; Samudra, G. ; Chin, S.-K.; Liang, G. 
2006Incremental maintenance of biological databases using association rule miningLam, K.-T.; Koh, J.L.Y.; Veeravalli, B. ; Brusic, V.
Nov-2012Influence of contact doping on graphene nanoribbon heterojunction tunneling field effect transistorsDa, H. ; Lam, K.-T.; Samudra, G.S. ; Liang, G. ; Chin, S.-K.
2010Influence of edge roughness on graphene nanoribbon resonant tunnelling diodesLiang, G. ; Khalid, S.B.; Lam, K.-T.